If you live in or near Dexter Michigan and you are looking at outdoor fireplaces, you’re in luck! Indoor fireplaces are generally used to provide heat or to supplement a heating system; an outdoor fireplace is often used for cooking or as an ornamental component that enables homeowners to enjoy a crackling flame while entertaining in their backyard. An outside hearth is warm and comforting. It will enhance your entertainment this season. You can take it easy by a fire and enrich your family’s fun at gatherings, or provide the ambiance for romance at a special dinner for two.

A broad range of outside fireplaces are available in and around Dexter, Michigan, in various sizes and designs. The service you select will send an experienced technician to install the product of your choice.

An outside fireplace is much like an indoor hearth in its construction, but it is usually an addition to a patio. As with indoor fireplaces, an outdoor fireplace requires frequent cleaning and maintenance. An outdoor fireplace may not need to be cleaned as often, but it will need to be cleaned regularly and well maintained.

An outside fireplace comes with a center firebox, a chimney, screen and a back wall. You can choose from a variety of materials, including prefabricated metal, mortar and brick, stucco, stone, tile, granite, terracotta, and stacked stone.
In most localities, the building code requires an outdoor chimney to be 2 feet taller than any other edifice within 10 feet. This means the height of the chimney most important when the fireplace is near your home. If you want a separate, freestanding fireplace, you may need to apply for a building permit.

Types of Outside Fireplaces
Choose from the following types of outdoor fireplaces:
• Kits. A kit features everything you need to build an outside fireplace.
• Portable. Portable fireplaces are also less expensive. A portable outdoor fireplace can also be moved to a different area or easily stored when not in use.
• Inserts. Inserts are a versatile alternative to kits. Most inserts are gas-fueled and don’t require venting, so they van be installed within a wall, a masonry cavity, or a wood-framed structure.

No matter what kind of outside fireplace you pick, your place will become the envy of the neighborhood. Your family and friends will enjoy the warmth and the chats around the hearth, and it will be a great centerpiece for your next get-together.
Before purchasing an outside fireplace, make sure that the product is in compliance with the zoning regulations in your community, and be sure to get the appropriate construction permits.

Be sure to position your fireplace in an area where it will not ignite trees, plants, or wooden decks. Hang a fire extinguisher close by. If you choose an outdoor fireplace that is made from clay or a similar material, you should move it to a storage area when not in use. Otherwise, the material may develop cracks in very cold weather.

Remember, if you live in or near Dexter, Michigan, you can bring the light to your patio! There’s no better look than an outdoor fireplace for your contemporary patio or outdoor room.