When creating your garden, there are going to be times where you want to separate areas of the garden. Some options might need limited sunlight. Walls can help defuse the strength of the sunlight. There are also other times where you might find the need to hang items up on a wall, instead of planting it directly into the ground. Lastly, you might simply want a garden wall to protect your garden from some of the harsh winds of winter you experience in Ann Arbor. Regardless though, you can decorate and improve the overall look of your garden, all with the help of garden walls.

Garden walls can help beautify any garden space you have, and with all of the different uses you have for the garden walls, you can install all sorts of different material and different designs to ensure you have the best looking garden possible. If you own a home in Ann Arbor, you probably have at least some sort of a backyard. Having the garden walls is going to provide you with different features you would not have, if you just planted your garden and left it at that. The garden walls act more as a physical barrier between different plant areas. It is not going to block off the roots of different plants, but instead it provides more surface protection. For starters, if you just want to place the walls around the garden in order to keep out different animals, this is a helpful feature. Sufficient walls can prevent rabbits, squirrels and even, on occasion, deer, from entering into the garden and eating the vegetables you have planted. Of course, outside of just creating a perimeter, the garden walls Ann Arbor have other features as well.

Some plants are going to require a tall surface to either lean up against or actually grow on. Heavier plants that are unable to support its own weight require these kinds of garden walls. You can even opt into some specific planting devices that elevate plants above the ground for this particular practice as well. Tomato plants that grow upside down from walls can be placed along the walls. This is helpful as it frees up ground space in your garden, so if your garden space is at a premium, this essentially gives you double the space for your vegetables, which is extremely helpful.

When you set up your garden, it is place in one location in your yard. This also means you are going to receive the same amount of light for all of your plants and vegetables. However, not all plants require the same amount of light. In fact, some of your plants might grow better in limited lighting. With the large garden wall installations, you can ensure this is possible. Plus, with other plants growing against the walls, it helps block out the sun even further, at least from the particular side the wall is placed. This way, you can plant both high-light requiring plants and low-light plants, all with the thanks of garden walls Ann Arbor.