February 19, 2014

This neighborhood is centered around a premier golf course in Ann Arbor, whereas, positive water flow off and away from the golf course’s fairways and putting greens is an essential maintenance requirement.  As you can see here, we had to clear away natural growing vegetation, and install an aesthetically pleasing and simple solution. The use of high quality products allows our systems to last and add value to the neighborhood’s property.

Here are some Before and After Photos:


Before Drainage Issue

after 2

After Drainage Solution

Working in this same neighborhood, we also created an integrate solution for a very narrow passage heavily lined with large trees that was supposed to function as a drainage overflow system.  The use of Gabian Baskets was the solution.  Gabian Baskets hold large amounts of limestone rock in a stable enclosure that allows surface water to flow through, but doesn’t dislodge the rocks that hold back the soils, keeping the water flow system in full functioning capacity.  Since the location of this drainage area is out of sight, this solution was viable, even though, it is not aesthetically pleasing, it does provide a long term, extremely secure value to the drainage system.  The system itself was surrounded by landscape and trees for view from a ground level.  Here is the project in progress:

Gabian Before (2)

Ground water flow blocked by large tree growth and became too small of an area for the water flow capacity required and banks then had erosion.


Widening of existing system to support reduction of  erosion and allow higher capacity flow with the new Gabian Basket system.


Geo-textile fabric that eventually goes behind the wall to act as a soil separator between the Gabian Basket and the soil; so that soil can not infiltrate the rocks; thus reducing erosion likelihood.



Installation of approximately 9″ lime stone rip rap  rocks in to Gabian Baskets to retain the soils.

gabian basket done

Final structure in place to successfully permit large amounts of water to flow easily and properly.