Photo of Chris

Chris Speen

General Manager

Chris has been involved in the landscape industry for over 20 years. Chris has provided our company with a stable and consistent leader and role model. Chris’ attention to detail with his team, including a positive reinforcement for success; and his focus on exceptional client service, has led Twin Oaks to remain a profitable and sustainable landscape business. While Chris leads our sales team in custom drainage solutions, he relies on his team of experts for other solutions to make the Twin Oaks experience a positive one.

Photo of Joe

Joe Hayes

Project Manager

Joe joined Twin Oaks in 2000 as our lead brick paver expert. He created exceptional environments for clients, and was to a fault, a perfectionist when it came to measurements and angles. He was also a leader in teaching new team members the proper techniques for not only laying pavers, but understanding the importance of proper multi-layer base levels. Through the years, Joe has excelled in becoming a manager for all projects and has been honored by many clients with praise for his exceptional work and work ethic of his great team of builders.  Joe is IPCI Certified (Interlock Concrete Paver Institute).

Nick Cluckey photo

Nick Cluckey

Account Manager

Nick originally joined the Twin Oaks’ SWAT team as a licensed pesticide applicator. Nick proved himself well, within his second season, he was self-managing his work orders and schedule with thoroughness and professionalism. Nick’s ability to be versatile in supporting all our teams (including lawn, irrigation, and project), truly demonstrated his passion and commitment to the company and his own professional development. His exceptional work ethic and attitude were the foundation for his drive to become our next Account Manager in 2019. With Nick’s expertise in customer relations and creating/retaining healthy landscapes, he will be a huge asset to our clients.

Dan Seal

Dan Seal

Account Manager

Dan joined the Twin Oaks team in 2018 as a Lawn Crew Foreman with 12 years of professional landscape experience. Instantly Dan’s hard work ethic, great communication skills, and leadership display fit right in with the Twin Oaks team, and earned him the Operations Manager position at the start of the following season. Dan proved his value to the team by improving client relations, going above and beyond his work demand, helping the other departments and doing this at a quality rate noted by clients, as well as his teammates.  This drive and determination for the best quality of work in a timely manner, and his continuous strive for success, has earned him the Account Manager role.

Photo of Sara

Sara Speen

Corporate Controller

Sara joined Twin Oaks full time in 2004 where she started primarily with establishing the Human Resources Department, including employee-focused programs for safety, training & development, benefits and incentive programs, as well as recruitment. In addition, she assists our team with marketing campaigns, data, and financial analysis and business systems and relations.

Photo of Terry

Terry Shipley

Office Manager

Terry joined Twin Oaks in 2006 and has been keeping us all in line. Terry may be the one you initially speak with when calling Twin Oaks Landscape. Terry’s primary role is inputting and maintaining our accounting system, including payroll/taxes, Account Payable and Receivable, and all monthly reporting. She works closely with Chris and Sara to keep the business books on track, per department. She maintains all data entry from purchasing to the tracking of materials and supplies.

Photo of Dog

Ruby and Charley

Office Mascots

Ruby (left) and Charley (right) were adopted from a rescue site in December 2017, they are actually mother and son! They have become a part of the Twin Oaks’ family and we all have enjoyed their companionship and watching Ruby “mother” Charley. For those that knew Lucy the Bullmastiff, she passed away in November 2017 from cancer, and we miss her dearly!