When it comes to yards, landscaping in Dexter Michigan becomes a beautiful venture to take on that is rewarding. The great thing about landscaping your yard is that you can hire someone to do the landscaping for you. There are professionals with a wide range of ideas and industry experience to give you what you want.

Along with a great landscape there is always room for great landscape lighting. The lighting can consist of lanterns that are solar powered or candle lit, solar or electrical walk way lights and spot lights. These are only to name a few, because there are so many ways to accent your landscape with lights. Here are some landscape lighting ideas you can use:
• If you have a simple walkway, one way to charm it up is with some bushes and glow in dark rocks to light the way. Garden stores sell glow in the dark rocks that are already ready to use. However, you can make your own by painting the rocks with glow in the dark paint. With a walkway you can also add solar powered lanterns, or the stake in the ground solar lights to light the way.
• Create a garden out back beyond your patio. Fill it with lush greenery that is low maintenance. Stake out shepard’s hooks to put lighted lanterns on to illuminate the lush garden area. You can also hang the lanterns from the bottom of the trees lower branches. If you are having a party, you can accent your landscape with clear Christmas lights or Chinese paper lanterns. If you have a pergola in the yard, add clear strings of lights to the top of it to make it a well-lit walkway or patio area.
• Beyond using Christmas lights and solar lanterns, lots of people like to use spot lights. For this you will need a landscape company or electrical company to install them. They require wiring and to be put in an area where they will not be harmed by the mower. The spot lights can accent certain things in your landscape design such as the huge oak tree or cherry blossom tree you may have. They show the landscape beauty and highlight it as well as making a well-lit place to walk around in.
• If you have a fountain or koi pond you could place glow in the dark rocks inside of them too along with under water lights. This will add to your overall design and allow people to see the beautiful water features and koi you have at night.

Whatever your plan is for your yard, having it all well-lit makes it that much more amazing. The great thing is if you are not sure how to light your landscape yourself, you could always hire someone in Dexter Michigan to do the lighting for you.

If you already have a landscape company that works for you, chances are they know how to light it all up for you too. Have a garden party and showcase your beautiful landscape with lighting. Enjoy your garden lit up on a cool quiet night too.