Eradicating the enemies of beautiful lawns of Dexter Michigan by knowing the enemy

The most critical part to successfully controlling weeds in the lawn is to have a healthy lawn. Well-maintained lawns will crowd the necessary components to weed seed germination. This component is sun. In colder climates like Dexter, Michigan, weeds go dormant or release their seeds in the fall. These seeds and perennials will need sun in the spring to germinate. Lawns that have been well maintained do not allow these plants to get the necessary sunlight. This means that lawn weed control begins with taking care to mow the grass to the correct level and keeping a lawn maintenance regimen that yields a thick green lawn with full coverage. This will require effective water, feeding and cutting regimens. Often this what a professional company can provide.

This is hard work and may require lawn maintenance companies that also are skilled at lawn weed control. To do so, they will have to be able to identify the various species of weeds. It is also a good idea for the homeowner to identify some common weeds. The appearance of these weeds means that there has been some type of breakdown in the regimen. Often, there easy remedies if the problem is arrested in the early stages. Like all plants, weeds are either annual or perennials, and they will make their initial appearances at the same time that most plants do in the spring. This means that they will be hard to notice initially, therefore, maintenance teams and homeowner should be vigilant at this time of year to catch weed infestation before they begin and repair the reasons for their propagation.

Crabgrass is possibly the most common variety of weed. Because they are perennials, they play a part of most weed problems in the spring. They are a very coarse vigorous species. Their leaves can be smooth or have texture, depending on the species. Crabgrass has flowers with spiked stamens on narrow stems. Crabgrass occurs if lawns are cut less than two inches. They also make a presence in lawns or areas with frequent, brief precipitation or watering. They begin when temperatures reach sixty degrees, therefore, pre-emergent herbicides should be used before temperatures reach this threshold.

Dandelion fits the definition of weeds being any plant that is not welcome in the lawn. In spite of being a delicacy in some circles, in lawns, dandelions can proliferate and become a real problem. They are broad leafed with the telltale yellow flowers. They are more prominent in areas with thinning grass and have a long taproot. Dandelions must be eradicated before they seed. They can be dug, but there are also spot treatments that are very effective. Dandelions almost never appear in healthy lawns with effective lawn weed control in Dexter Michigan. Therefore, the most effective treatment is to reinforce thinning areas with an effective seeding or sodding application. The best methods for eradicating all lawn problems is to hire professional lawn care maintenance.