One of the keys to having lush and beautiful grass, plants, and flowers in residential landscaping is accurate, timely, and consistent watering. Although average temperatures and rainfall amounts in Saline, Michigan will certainly support landscaping, most homeowners will find that an automatic lawn sprinkler system will provide the most efficient, cost effective and consistent water application.

Benefits To The Yard

Landscaping plants, grass in particular, will benefit considerably from having the right amount of water applied at the right time of day. Watering late in the day and watering too much can lead to wet grass developing moss and fungus growth. Timely applications of water early in the day, however, allow excess water to evaporate leaving grass damp but not saturated. Additionally, with the possibility of temperatures in Saline, Michigan spiking as high 100 degrees F, having a lawn sprinkler system allows the homeowner to use a mid-afternoon watering to cool the grass and prevent it from scorching in unusually high summer temperatures. Finally, applying the correct amount of water for the type of grass, allows for proper root development and the healthiest possible turf.

Benefits to the Homeowner

Sprinkler systems can be designed with a number of features that maximize their efficiency, effectiveness and the benefit they provide to the homeowner. It is difficult to coordinate the logistics of watering a lawn without a sprinkler system, particularly if water applications need to take place at specific times of day. Even the simplest system will include a timer that starts and stops watering at specified times. This feature alone allows the homeowner considerable peace of mind and the flexibility to leave home without worrying about having the lawn watered.

Beyond timing the watering cycle, sprinkler system features include sensors that can stop a cycle if it is raining or if the ground is still wet from a recent rain. Additionally, sensors that adjust watering schedules seasonally can be installed to automatically correct for seasonal changes in air temperature, daylight hours, and humidity levels as the growing season evolves. These tools maximize the effectiveness of the system and help keep the lawn healthy and the water bill low.


Cost is a consideration for homeowners when a sprinkler system is being planned. The largest expense to the homeowner will come at installation. However, once the system is installed, cost benefits will be recognized almost immediately. Time is a precious commodity and having a sprinkler system saves both time and money.

Once the system is installed and programmed, the user is not required to devote any more time to the system over the growing season. A well planned system will run itself. This translates into a considerable savings of time over the homeowner who is out watering the yard or moving a sprinkler around. Water is applied evenly to the yard and in appropriate quantities which eliminates inflated water bills which reflect over-watering or a forgotten sprinkler.

For the Saline, Michigan homeowner who is looking to save time and money and to have a healthy lawn, installing a lawn sprinkler system is highly recommended. Using a sprinkler system allows the right amount of water to be applied at appropriate times without hassle or being shackled to the yard by a hose and sprinkler.