Lawn maintenance is essential for a beautiful landscape, and proper maintenance starts from following good practices during the growing season. The process begins from mowing in the correct way, applying fertilizers, irrigation, and pest control. The process ensures that the lawn is dense and healthy. Apart from having to handle the task yourself, we have companies that offer maintenance services in various cities like Los Angeles, Austin, new York, Ann Arbor Mi among others.

House Exterior With Landscape

The choice of lawn depends on the environment, for example, residents of Ann Arbor Mi Mainly focus on maintaining cool-season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass, fescue, and perennial rye as the area experiences extreme versions of each season year round. Apart from that, the residents of Ann Arbor Mi are also moving to organic lawns since they are eco-friendly.

How do we care for the lawn?
Achieving a beautiful looking lawn is equally a hand full of work.We will be discussing the different maintenance tips, and the importance of each step:

1. Mowing
Mowing is critical in keeping the lawn healthy, and it can be equated to pruning. Each grass has a recommended mowing height, but the standard is to never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade. Mowing can be done best when the grass is dry and with sharp and balanced mower blades to avoid raged cuts that increase the chance of diseases and pests.

Importance of mowing
• Increases the density of the lawn
• Decreases weeds in the lawn.
• Enhances the uniformity of the lawn.
• Reduces thatching

2. Fertilization
It is crucial to maintain the three most important nutrients required by the lawn, namely Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium .Soil testing helps determine the nutrients required .The fertilizer will be applied in at different times of the year.

Importance of fertilization
• Promotes leaf and blade development.
• Enhancement of the dark green color.
• Phosphorus is good for the root development.
• Potassium strengthens the lawn.
• Enables the lawns green up very first

3. Irrigation
Watering is vital for healthy lawns, and it’s important to know what quantity is best. There are different sprinklers like; automatic lawn irrigation is the most efficient for lawn since it’s through an underground sprinkler system. Besides we have the portable hose sprinkler that is less expensive, and it can be either portable or it can be moved around. Irrigation, however, is not necessary in case the rainfalls.

Importance of irrigation
• It maintains moisture in the lawn soil
• Helps in the growth of the roots
• Helps in the absorption of nutrients

4. Weed an insect management
Weeds and insects are a major cause of damage to the lawns. Some of the practices that decrease the manifestation of insects and pests are; irrigation, fertilization, thatch removal and choosing the perfect lawn. The weeds can be controlled early r by either hand pulling, hand raking or mowing.

Importance of weed and insect management
• Lawn maintenance through weed and insect management eliminate hindrance to crop quality
• Makes sure the lawn is healthy with correct nutrients and growth.

Lawn maintenance is critical since A healthy lawn makes the surroundings look attractive and pleasant. A home exterior that maintained well gives it a good first impression and beautiful landscape. Lawn care methods are not only effective but safe and able to take the lawns through the harsh weather conditions.

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