Home owners in Ann Arbor MI take pride in their lush, green grass. Over the course of one summer, hundreds or even thousands of dollars may be spent maintaining the grass, eradicating weeds, trimming and mowing. The quest for the perfect lawn takes a lot of time and energy, but one thing can eradicate much of the effort: professional lawn irrigation installation.

lawn irrigation installation in Ann Arbor MI

Installation of Irrigation Systems For Yard and Garden

Professional irrigation experts assess your yard and landscaping, determine how much water each part needs and design a sprinkler system to these exact specifications. Their goal is to have no wasted water while providing enough moisture to keep the grass and gardens healthy and lush. Systems can include water tricklers, soaker hoses and sprayers.

Top of Benefits for a Healthy Yard

1 – Appropriate Watering Amounts

Your lawn irrigation installation should be specifically designed for the type of grass you have, the plants in your gardens, tree varieties and local climate. It will be programmed to deliver precisely the right amount of water to each section of your yard.

2 – Save Time for Other Jobs

All the time you use to spend watering the lawn and wrestling with manual sprinkler systems can now be used to putter about in the garden and take care of other aspects of your yard that are more enjoyable or more vital to the overall health. Since sprinkler systems are programmed to water in the cooler mornings when the plants are more receptive and less evaporation will occur. Homeowners then have the bulk of their waking hours to weed, prune, plant and fertilize as necessary.

3 – Supports Strong Root Growth

Suitable irrigation amounts and frequency lead to strong root growth of grass, bedding plants and even trees. Many homeowners water too little at a time, which may create a green lawn, but does not give the individual grass plants staying power in case of drought or extreme temperature changes. When the yard is watered automatically, it provides a good soaking that sinks down through the soil and stimulates the roots to grow longer and stronger.

4 – Compensates for Volatile Weather

Many home sprinkler systems include rain sensors that record and remember how much precipitation was received. No one wants to waste water if the sprinklers go off during a rainstorm. Measuring the precipitation is especially important in the changeable climate of Ann Arbor MI. These make the lawn irrigation installation efficient, cost-effective environmentally friendly.

If you own a home or other property that has a lawn, a system of pipes, hoses and sprinklers that cover all zones of the yard and is programmed to deliver just the right amount of water at the right time will do more to improve its health than any other investment. Controlled water flow, precise timers and rain sensors that ensure no wasted water only make it better and leave you free to enjoy the beautiful, lush lawn without worry.

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