The advantages of a healthy lawn care program in the fall in Ann Arbor MI are many. It’s time for improvement of the appearance, health and overall care of your inviting lawn and beautiful yard. The weather is cool and it’s easy to manage weeds and fertilize early in the morning.

beautiful crabapple tree in a residential yard with vivid hot pink flowers.

beautiful crabapple tree in a residential yard with vivid hot pink flowers.

Water Needs
If there’s drought that has set in, watering the green stuff, once or twice a week is enough. Water a dry lawn as needed. Make sure the soil is soaked several inches into the ground. Winds are lighter or non-existent in the early morning hours, that’s usually the best time to water and you’ll also waste less water, due to evaporation. Hosing the lawn after the sunset encourages fungus and mildew to set in.

Cutting Schedule
The lawn-mower blades should be lowered 2 inches high in the winter, so that the lawn grows shorter. If the grass is too short, weeds can more easily access it. This will also prevent the grass from being mixed with the snow and matting down the area grass under a bunch of autumn leaves.

Wise Seeding
To get a green carpet of lush grass, it’s necessary to over-seed during the warmer seasons with rye-grass, scientifically known as Lolium; a type of Eurasian grass often used to beautify lawns. The grass must at all times be prepared first, prior to the over-seeding, to about ½ inch from usual and all clippings and extras have to be first removed. The newly seeded areas should at all times be kept moist and damp, so the seeds can start to sprout. Gently sprinkle water. If you want deeper roots, water more often.

Fertilize Year-Round
Although fall is the best time to fertilize a lawn, bluegrass and fescue grass should be fed in September and late fall, such as October or November; this way the grass will look better in spring. Light fertilization is recommended in the warmer seasons as well, for maintenance purposes.

Recurrent or Perennial Weeds
During the spring it’s easy to spot the dandelions and clovers, yet during the fall its recommended getting rid of these bothersome types of wild vegetation, especially if you live in Ann Arbor MI. Use safe and natural herbicides to do so. Your pets and children should be of great concern, and make sure they are not in the vicinity when you start spraying your plants.

Here is a list of right choices to make your garden look fresh and appealing:

• Fall clean-up, which consists of getting professional lawn care in Ann Arbor MI and includes cleaning the leaves from your lawn.
• Put away grills and hoses, and start storing the patio furniture.Some lawn care companies will even assist with installing Christmas trees!
• Cleaning out all gutters so they won’t leak. Look for cracked foundations and rotting wood.
• One of the best things you can do is Aerate your lawn. This will really green-up your lawn in the warmer months.
• Trim off perennials and shrubs, and make sure to prune trees and bushes.

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