It is that time of year when the cold dark winter season rolls around causing a lot of concern for lawn care in Ann Arbor MI. Maintain a good lawn throughout the year is the hardest when the temperatures drop. Here are some tips to help prepare lawns through the winter to ensure that the spring season will bring good results:

Foggy Winter Landscape
Tip #1 Fertilize during the winter:
Fertilizing can really be done anytime throughout the year, but is especially useful during the winter season. The early part of winter is the perfect time to operate on that beloved fresh green grass. The typical lawns in North America use Bermuda grass which does have a cool season. The fertilizing before the freezing temperatures will repair all the nutrients that were lost during the dry summer months. The fertilizer will stay in the roots all winter long and apply continuous nutrients even in the climates that see heavy snow (Ann Arbor MI).

Tip #2 maintaining a solid mowing schedule:
It is best to continue with a continuous mowing schedule keeping the grass short all throughout the summer and fall. This way there will be no surprises during the winter. There will be no shock of having to cut up big patches of grass. That can cause damage to the ground and be a pain to cut. The large crash is the perfect place for animals to borrow that are looking for warmth. Mice that borrow can destroy lawns. They create dead patches around the loan.

Tip #3 Keep lawn care clean:
It is important to clean up the yard of excess leaves, sticks, abandoned toys, and furniture. We often forget about these items when we don’t go outside as often in the colder climates. This is especially true when that first snow arrives. The items laying around the lawn will prevent certain lawn patches from growing. It is recommended to do a quick sweep every other week or few weeks to check for lost items. Not only does it save the lawn, but helps reconnect owners with lost toys. The weight stuns the ground.

Tip #4 Avoid excessive traffic:
Whether this is by foot or vehicle, it should not be looked over. It is best to prevent all the traffic on the lawn. It is very difficult for grass to recover when constantly stepped on. Even the smallest of vehicles will cause damage. Get the sidewalks clear for walking even in the snowy months.

Tip #5 Prepare ahead of time:
It is best to start preparing for the winter as early as possible in the fall. Be sure to aerate, mow, and rake leaves before winter. Leaves are constantly falling and can be a pain to rake up. It often takes a lot of rounds to fully clear the land of leaves when they continue falling. Also this is the chance to clear the lawn of any objects before conditions start to worsen. Everything will freeze during the heart of winter and won’t be easy to move at that point.

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