Not every property has a beautiful and vast lawn. A lawn like this can instantly perk up the look of a property and make it stand out. Not just that, lawns also add to the property value and make it more attractive from a real estate perspective. However, if such a lawn is not maintained a cared for, it can result in the exact opposite. Your property’s attractiveness would be hurt and it would sour the beauty. This is why professional lawn care services are so important for your Ann Arbor MI property. Here are a few services you can enjoy.


Stone path  winding in a garden

Weekly Maintenance For Lawns That Always Look Perfect

In order to ensure that your lawn always looks its best, a weekly maintenance schedule is a must. In this maintenance, the grass would be trimmed and so would the hedges, bushes and shrubs of your lawn. Any debris in the lawn would be cleaned. You can also choose to go for bi-weekly lawn care services. If your lawn is particularly big and you take pride in it, this is the maintenance schedule to choose.

Fall and Spring Clean Ups For a Beautiful Looking Lawn

As you might know, the seasons of Spring and Fall bring fresh requirements in lawn care. This is especially true for lawns that have trees lining the property and have beautiful flowering plants. The fall leaves on your garden are raked and removed. The job of dumping them in a landfill or using them for mulch is taken care by the service provider. Spring cleanups require even more work.

Premium Services Such As Dethatching and Core Aeration

These are three premium services that are offered for big lawns. In core aeration, the plugs are pulled from your lawn with the help of a coring machine so that water can easily seep through to the deepest layers of the soil and nutrients can easily reach the roots of plants. This is a common thing done in golf courses. Power raking (aka dethatching) is for a lawn that has build-up of thatch over it. With the help of this service, the ground would be cleared up efficiently and in a reasonable amount of time.

Landscaping For Adding New Attractions to Your Lawn

Landscaping is another important part of lawn maintenance services. If you have a vision for your lawn or garden, then these services can be extremely useful for you. You can have different textures in your lawn along with beautiful plants, sculpted lawn ornaments, a patio made from stone or wood, a pathway, hanging boughs, and many other things. Landscaping is known to influence property prices.

Landscape Maintenance For All Year Round Perfection

External elements can cause the best stone to wear and this is why maintenance services from professionals become so important. Maintenance would also ensure that repairs are done in time so that expensive replacements are not needed in the future.

You can enjoy all these services with the help of professional lawn maintenance and care services in Ann Arbor MI.

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