Maintaining lawns in Saline Michigan has gone way beyond occasional trimming. Lawn care companies have come a long way since the days when the kid next store cut your lawn for five bucks.

Lawn Care Maintenance services have expanded to meet the need of Saline Michigan households. Nowadays, lawn care companies offer landscaping and lawn installation services like:
–hydro-seeding using a slurry of seed and mulch distributed in a water spray,
–topsoil selection and spreading,
–turf preparation.

Landscaping and Landscape Planning is offered by many Lawn Maintenance companies as well.

Services like:
–tree, plant, and shrub selection,
–selection of perennial and annual plants,
–landscape lighting,
–retaining walls using boulders, concrete block, flagstone or timber,
–walkways and patios,
–flagstone pathways,
–slate walks and patios.

A permanent in-ground irrigation system can be installed to work automatically or manually. This kind of system will conserve water and apply just the right amount of water to grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers taking their needs into account. In-ground sprinkler system may make sense for second residences or vacation homes too.

Many lawn maintenance companies offer complete cement, bricklaying and paver installation.

Some high end services offer:
–fountains, and other water features.

The idea of lawn maintenance has expanded into a full range of gardener services. Lawn maintenance companies use computer aided drafting software to design your home landscape. They employ the services of Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditors with the CLIA designation.

For regular landscape maintenance, a regular maintenance schedule is negotiated with the lawn care service. These services are typically not offered on a one-time basis. The service will
–keep flower beds and trees weed free and insect free,
–prune shrubs and ornamental trees,
–cut back and maintain perennial plants,
–replant and maintain annual plantings,
–turn mulch,
–keep driveways and sidewalks free of weeds and debris.

Lawn care services also maintain a schedule of
–lawn mowing on weekly of bi-weekly bases to meet budgets and requirements,
–weed control,
–watering and irrigation,
–pest control, which can include prevention of insect invasion into the home by establishing perimeters of insect traps including termite traps.

Lawn maintenance services can help you by creating systems of water drainage that keep excess water from rain from moving toward your house and washing into basements or garages. Systems can be designed to make productive use of rain water. If your lawn has a slope or inclination, proper drainage systems can prevent erosion.

Landscape lighting may be part of your landscape design. Well placed and selected lights will highlight the beauty of your home. Lights can extend the pleasure of outdoor living into the night. They can improve the safety of your walkways and even improve home security.

Lawn maintenance may include the installation of special extras like outdoor grills and grilling areas, electrical outlets for outdoor use. You may even consider adding a real turf or artificial turf putting green just for fun. Lawn Care Maintenance can be a way of greatly extending the use of your home right here in Saline Michigan.