Spring is here! It is time to get out in yard, clear out the winter debris, plant your garden and enjoy the outdoors with your family. Of course, despite what the big box home improvement stores say in their commercials, taking care of your yard is not as simple as laying some turf builder and throwing some plants in the ground. Good lawn care maintenance must take into account what the soil and weather are like in Dexter Michigan.

Understanding the Soil
The topsoil for most homes in Dexter Michigan is comprised of clay. Clay is great because it holds water well and keeps your plants well watered during the drier months. However, clay does not have a lot of nutrients, and it can be difficult for new plants to take root. Good lawn care maintenance requires mixing organic matter into the clay topsoil to create nutrients allowing the plants to feed. As the plants feed on the organic material their roots gain strength and they are able to expand through the clay.

Understanding the Hardiness Zone
Dexter Michigan is in the 6a hardiness zone. The hardiness zone is a map published by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) broken down by the weather in a given area. The map makes it easy to determine what type of plants will do well in the area, and when they should be planted. Some of the plants that do exceptionally well in zone 6a are Boxwood, Juniper, Western Red Cedar, Weeping Cherries, Hydrangea, Irises and Pansies.

The nice thing about knowing what zone you are in is that it allows you to explore different plant types. There are some plants you might be afraid to try in Dexter, but if they are listed in the right hardiness zone — and you plant them at the right time — there is a good chance they will surprise you.

Hiring a Professional
Of course, there is more to maintaining a lawn than just understanding the soil and the hardiness zone. Knowing when to plant is just as important as knowing what to plant. Mowing the lawn at the right times can have as much of an impact on it as knowing how to feed it and water it.

That is why hiring a professional for lawn care maintenance can often be a better solution. Local landscaping companies are experts in the area and understand the weather and the topsoil, they know when the best times to plant are and they know what to plant each season to keep your lawn looking beautiful and staying healthy.

A landscaping company does more than just keep your lawn mowed, they will also make sure that seasonal plantings are done on time, mulching is put in place and replaced as needed, and the experts at the company can offer suggestions for new plants and other ways to spruce up your lawn.

However you decide to proceed now is the time of the year to get out and get your lawn ready for spring and summer fun!