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When people think of their dream home, a beautifully landscaped lawn is always a requirement. In reality, attaining that beautiful landscape is an expensive proposition that often involves professional landscape designers and crews. In addition, when the landscape crew has put the dream landscape in place, it will need care from a very skilled lawn care service to maintain the lush green beauty. Not only does the lawn and landscape need periodical feeding and watering, these tasks will need to be performed at various levels and methods depending upon the seasons and the particular rigors each season entails.


In addition to fertilizers, there are other amendments that may need to be added during any season. If any of these amendments are applied improperly, the expensive lawn, landscape and their installation costs can be jeopardized. This means that the added expense of removing, repairing and replanting will also have to be considered if the landscaping is compromised. In addition, climatic regions are broken down into zones. Each zone has a different regimen that has to be adhered to achieve maximum results. Unless a homeowner is a professional or incredible handy, many people defer these duties and responsibilities to a to a reputable Ypsilanti, MI lawn care company.


Conditions in Midwestern areas like Ypsilanti Michigan require a particularly good lawn care company because of the vast climatic differences that occur during the course of a year. Warm summers followed by cold winters means that lawn care has to include a winterization technique that takes into considerations the abuse that the lawn will endure during the winter months. This regimen will have to prepare the lawn for winter and help to rejuvenate the lawn in the coming warmer months. The basic strategy that most reputable companies in Ypsilanti Michigan would employ is to make sure the lawn is at the apex of healthy.

Choosing a Contractor

This means that the lawn will be able to resist many of the problems associated with plants that stress during hard periods of the year. This includes droughts and infestations of lawn damaging insects, molds, and fungi. This means that it is particularly important to find companies that have a proven record of success. Unlike other contractors, many of these companies can point to specific successful lawns in areas close to the prospective customer’s home. If these are neighbors, inquire should include four things.

• Ask about their level of satisfaction with the prospective lawn care service.
• The frequency of their visits.
• Any specialized expertise that they may carry.
• Any disputes at all (including money).


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