Finding grubs in your Saline Michigan landscape can be an unnerving experience. Especially when the grubs are feeding on the roots of your turfgrass or plant foliage. The term grub is generally used to describe the larval stage of various species of insects including beetles and caterpillars. They range in shape, color and size, and can damage your yard, plants and garden.

Manual Grub Removal

For grubs aboveground who have taken residence on your trees and plants — like caterpillars –, you can get their numbers under control by simply picking them off. Manual removal eliminates the need for chemical insecticides, which can cause more harm than good if not used properly. You can discard the caterpillars in a bucket of warm soapy water. While most caterpillar grubs are harmless to people and pets, its best to wear work gloves when touching the insects. This will prevent any possible skin irritation that could occur. To successful control grubs in this manner, you must repeat the task once every few days.

For grubs belowground — such as those feeding on turfgrass roots –, simply walk around your lawn while wearing a pair of spiked sandals. This unusually looking footwear is actually designed to aerate soil but can also help control grubs. About 24 hours before using the spiked sandals, make sure to water the yard with approximately 1/4-inch of water. Doing so will cause the grubs to rise closer to the top of the soil, making it easier for you to spear them with the spikes.

Control Grubs with Natural Predators

Like everything else in the animal kingdom, grubs have predators that will prey on them and naturally keep their numbers in checked. And thankfully, you can create an enticing environment to attract these beneficial predators to your Saline Michigan yard. Birds, for example, are a wonderful way to naturally control aboveground grubs, and installing a few birdhouses will invite your feathered friends to your landscape.

Another option is to purchase beneficial nematodes or tiphiid wasps at your local garden center and distribute them around your yard. These beneficial predators feed on grubs and come in either powder or spray form. Make sure to follow the directions on the package to increase the success of these bought predators.


While you should leave the chemical pesticides to professional lawn maintenance companies, there are a few safer pesticide options for homeowners. These include Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), which is a bacterium insecticide completely safe for use around people, pets, bees and birds. The bacteria contained in Bt is a poison that affects only certain larval stages of insects, such as grubs. Another option regularly used by consumers is called Sevin, which contains the active ingredient carbaryl. Carbaryl is a harmful pesticide that should not be used around humans, pets, mammals, birds or bees. No matter what pesticide you choose, always follow the application instructions and warnings printed on the label.

If the grubs in your Saline Michigan yard are just too many to control or you have exhausted all the control methods, consider contacting one of the lawn care companies that you trust. They can help get rid of the grubs and provide you with invaluable information on how to prevent them from returning.