May 21, 2016

Tree On YardHaving to repair a cracked or damaged foundation can wind up costing Ann Arbor MI home and property owners thousands of dollars. Superior lawn care and landscaping services may allow homeowners to identify and address any potential issues that may pose a risk to their foundation. Even the most extensive prevention efforts and landscaping projects can often be arranged for a fraction of the cost associated with foundation repair services.

Root Intrusion

Plants that have deep roots can pose a serious threat to concrete foundations. Serious long-term risk to foundations may be caused when trees or even bushes are planted too close to a property or when root systems grow to be too large. Root intrusion is one of the leading causes of foundation damage, and the wrong tree placement or landscaping layout can end up costing property owners far more than they might realize. Even tree relocation and removal options may provide a more affordable alternative to the foundation repair services that may be required to address cracks and damages that may be caused by bushes, shrubs and trees.

Grading Issues

The slope and grading of a lawn or landscaped environment is never an issue that should be left to chance. Improper grading can channel storm water runoff towards the base of a home which can lead to foundation damage caused by increased soil erosion. Erosion can also cause the grading and slope of a lawn to alter over time. Ann Arbor MI homeowners would do well to call a professional if they notice standing water near their home’s foundation or experience frequent issues with flooding after storms.


Before - Overgrown Front Bed

Issues Caused by Irrigation and Drainage Equipment

Storms and heavy rain may not be the only cause of soil erosion that may lead to foundation damage. Improper placement of irrigation and drainage equipment can cause extensive damage to landscaping and may even pose a threat to concrete foundations. Common equipment issues may include:

  • Lack of vegetation to soften runoff from downspouts and gutters
  • Exterior hoses, sprinklers and irrigation systems that may be leaking or damaged
  • Poor hardscaping placement or landscaping layout

Lawn care professionals can offer a variety of solutions to ensure irrigation and drainage issues are less likely to create more serious problems. The right landscaping designs and layouts can minimize soil loss caused by erosion and ensure that irrigation and drainage equipment is able to function properly.

Professional Services Provides Superior Solutions

From selecting the right plants and landscaping designs that will minimize runoff and eliminate issues with standing water to removing shrubs and trees when root systems begin to encroach on the foundation, professional lawn care service offer homeowners the means to better protect their property and investment. Preventing damage to a home’s foundation can often be done for far less than the cost needed to arrange repairs. Access to professional lawn maintenance services and landscaping solutions can ensure Ann Arbor MI homeowners will be less likely to need foundation repairs in the days to come.