May 10, 2014


As the first blossoms of spring start to bloom and the sound of birds chirping invites you to enjoy another day, you’re probably also starting to envision summer barbecues and late evenings sitting outside with a glass of wine in hand. While your landscaping dreams tend to focus on the front and backyards, what are some reasons to give the side yard attention as well?

Using The Space
Some people assume that the side yard is too small to have any real purpose, but with the right landscaping touches, you can turn it into an oasis. A manicured lawn provides a solid setting for a hammock and a small waterfall, leading you to a land of tranquility. When you trim the bushes and eliminate excess foliage or branches from the trees, you can have a less bug-filled area to set up the barbecue and food-serving stations during all of your fancy parties.

Freedom from The Bugs
Having overgrown tree limbs, bushes and plants can certainly be a pest for you, but rather inviting to bugs such as bees, hornets, flies and mosquitoes. While some bugs are just a nuisance, others carry deadly diseases on them, and some can even cause fatal reactions in people with allergies or other conditions. Taking the time to maintain your side yard helps to ensure that your family, as well as guests to your home, have a happier time when they are relaxing outdoors.

The Safety Factor
You may have never considered the ways in which landscaping can actually be connected to the safety of your home. If you speak with a police officer or an official in public safety, you will likely learn that criminals often seek out properties with a lot of hedges or trees on them. When burglars are able to conceal themselves, they may very well have a better chance of getting into your home. By landscaping the area, you are making a potential hiding spot less accessible. Without excess shrubbery and grass, these burglars will not have a place to hide on your property.

Curb Appeal
People who are thinking about putting their homes up for sale this spring definitely need to consider the curb appeal of the house. When an appraiser comes to determine how much your house is worth, he or she is definitely going to check around the outside perimeter. A yard that has been taken care of is certainly likely to fetch you more money than one that has been left to fend for itself. Perhaps you are not thinking about selling your home, but the curb appeal of the property can still be important to you. When yards and houses are well-maintained, the overall value and “feel” of the area can be improved and appear more attractive to newcomers in the community.

Landscaping your side yard is certainly not a project that you want to ignore this spring and summer season because undertaking this task can provide your home and your property with the aforementioned benefits and more.