The city of Chelsea Michigan is located in southeastern Michigan; this small city is a thriving center with abundant entertainment, dining locales and shopping centers in addition to a number of socio-economic amenities. The diverse community found in this town is very proud of its agricultural heritage, vibrant art-scene and an active products manufacturing base. Located at Chelsea’s doorstep is the beautiful Waterloo Recreation Area that covers an area of that spans 25,000-acre. Families in the area and those visiting the town can enjoy playground and picnic outings at the Veterans or Pierce Park. The famous Chelsea Center of Arts usually receives hordes of students who love music and art.

Chelsea has always been an ideal place for seniors and baby boomer’s to enjoy life in a place full of breathtaking ambiance. When you visit the protected Waterloo Recreation Area; you will see and experience and the beauty of Michigan’s unique geological wonders, wildlife and wilderness. Nature enthusiast can engage themselves in activities such as; biking, skiing or fishing by the pristine water lake. The lake is also home to the spectacular sandhill crane migrating sandhill cranes; golfers visiting the town can choose from the more than 20-green golf courses that are located within a 20-minutes drive radius.

Landscaping is one of the greatest preoccupations by Chelsea Michigan homeowners. Before lawn cover plants are purchased, it is also important to check out for growth requirements like; soil type and the amount of light that will be necessary for growing a healthy lawn. Making soil consideration is important in determining the type of flowers or foliage to grow, for instance the soils found in most seacoast areas contain much more salt. On the other hand, flowers that love shades can take in comparatively more heat; while plants to be grown in sunny areas should be those plants that can tolerate the sun or drought conditions.

When landscaping the yard, consider using non-traditional techniques such as use of native shrubs, plants and ground cover. This is important because it reduces the environmental impact, implementation and maintenance cost. During the landscape master planning stage; consider planning for factors such as the landscape build. These builds may include; wetland sites, land slopes, rocky areas or anything else that may require special attention such as permanent structures and large trees. The traditional grass-lawn requires;
• Fertilization
• Watering
• Mowing
• Use of weed and pest chemicals
• Use of gasoline-powered lawn maintenance equipment.

Residents of Chelsea Michigan will be glad to know that they can learn about lawn planning and management projects in avenues like media outlets and on publications such as television, radio, magazines and newspapers. Homeowners can also horn skills on landscape development and maintenance by attending home center expos and workshops. The local area extension service programs that are operated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) can also assist homeowners in expert areas such as soil testing as well as information on growing requirements for various ground covers and lawn grass.