Landscaping is an important part of the overall look of any home. Any landscaping that is used on the grounds of a house should be carefully considered. The ideal landscaping will help any property function better and make residents living there feel as if they are part of a harmonious area that is relaxing and inviting. When thinking about the landscaping of a house, it is important to take several basic factors into account.

Beautiful natural garden with pond
These factors will include:

  • the existing colors of the house;
  • the local climate;
  • and the style of the neighborhood.


Color is a highly important part of all landscaping ideas. Many people like certain colors. Someone may enjoy seeing a splash of red and want to plant multiple Japanese red maple trees on their property as well as well bright red flowers like poppies to help liven up the exterior of the house. Another person may prefer more muted tones that go well with a house painted a soft brown or forest green. In that case, the use of subtle ground cover made from mulch surrounding a single large oak may be ideal for their needs.

Climate Considerations

Those living in a four season climate such as Ann Arbor MI will have different landscaping needs than someone who is living in Miami FL. Residents of places such as Ann Arbor MI should look for landscaping ideas that will look good all year round. Hardier plants that can withstand snow and ice and are important here. Using a series of plantings that bloom at different times of the year can help any homeowner enjoy their outside space no matter what temperature it is outside. Consider dividing the outdoor space into specific gardens timed to bloom at varied months. Early blooming tulips can give way to a delightful rose garden in June and then to more sun resistant flowers as the year flows by.

Neighborhood Style

Another important consideration when thinking about various kinds of landscaping choices is the design of the neighborhood and other houses. Some houses may be brand new. In that case, it can be desirable to aim for larger plantings to help anchor the new houses and give them the feel of history and weight. Tall, mature trees can be a delightful addition to any home in this kind of development and may be much appreciated by local neighbors. In a more established area, the kind of landscaping that is in use may already be seen. English style gardens with formal plantings and pathways may be widely used. Water features such as fountains and ponds with live fish may be quite popular. Many people who are moving into such an area may want to consider looking to their neighbor’s choices in landscaping in order to help figure out what will work on their property as well. Finding such inspiration can help them pick out landscaping that is also likely to do very well on their property.

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