If you have a beautiful property in Dexter Michigan, then you have the chance of making use of the best landscaping ideas. With landscaping, you have to remember that creativity is important. Also, learn to keep an eye out for the plants that are in-season and focus on them. Here are top landscaping ideas that you can try out –

• Flowered Entrances – When it comes to adorning your home’s entrance, prefer perennials and annuals because then, your guests will be greeted with lovely flowers all year round. You could even add a low hanging fence at the front of your house, if the street it too close to it. This would create the illusion of distance between your house and the street. Also, you could grow some vines that intertwine through the fence or grow over it in the form of an archway. Flowers could also be grown around the fence for a great effect.

• Beautiful Driveway – Your driveway should never be neglected when you landscape your house and the property around it. If you have an especially unattractive driveway, then create a lawn island in the middle to make it the center of focus. For the hedges, prefer box hedges that start from behind your island and add annuals, perennials, roses, et al over the hedge. Make sure that for this, you are playing with heights, textures and colors. You will be surprised at the results because every time a guest visits you, they would want to spend time in your driveway to click lovely pictures.

• Crinums, The Indestructible Flowers – Do you love lilies but think that they require too much work? Don’t worry because you probably don’t know about Crinums, the most fuss free plants. These plants do not care for drought, they do not require fertilizers, they prefer the humid and hot weather of the summers, and even sprout flowers in the warmer months. Their flowers give out a glorious fragrance and eventually, look like huge bulbs, coming in a variety of colors. This is one plant which is indestructible and if you want to add something dainty but hassle-free to your landscape, crinums are the way to go.

• Baskets and Planters for Lofty Heights – If you wish to play with heights in your garden, then trees are the first option. However, trees work best when they are on the perimeter of the property. Even so, you could add several dimensions just by making use of baskets and planters. Elevate those planters and hang lovely baskets from them. Your plants would thank you for the superior drainage that comes from growing in the basket and because the baskets are raised, they would also benefit from better aeration. Choose a spiller, filler, and a thriller plant for each basket – like Begonias, Kong Coleus and Purple Cordyline.

You can also experiment with seasonal beauties. Blooming shrubs like Chinese Snowball can add an element of suavity to the landscaping in your Dexter Michigan home. You could also hire the services of a good professional landscaper.