Since the first small group of settlers inhabited the area in mid-1800s, visitors and residents alike have enjoyed the natural beauty of Ann Arbor Michigan. The same old world charm that lured the very first pioneer remains in full bloom within this small city which now houses over 100,000 permanent residents.

All four seasons represent a new and unique reason to love the natural landscapes that appear throughout Michigan. Native plants and trees in Ann Arbor perfectly compliment the gently rolling hills, open fields and bodies of water in the area. The picturesque scenery has attracted photographers, bird watchers, and nature lovers to the region for decades. Government buildings, public institutions and other commercial properties are now trending toward professional landscaping that imitates the natural beauty of the land.

Natural Wonders
Since the city boasts more than 150 natural parks and recreation areas as well as numerous seasonal farmers markets and open farms of historical significance, city residents are already well aware of the benefits gleaned from being outside and enjoying the natural landscapes.

Trees native to Ann Arbor Michigan are more than just beautiful showpieces. They also provide shelter for the local wildlife and edible fruit for both wildlife and human consumption. Popular tree varieties include the magnificent Autumn Blaze Maple, Red Sunset Maple, River Birch, Kousa Dogwood and Autumn Gold Ginkgo. There are also several Crabapple tree varieties that naturally appear in the local area.

Benefits of Beautifying Ann Arbor
Recently, commercial properties owners have begun to realize there is an opportunity to capitalize on some of the natural beauty found in the area and the many benefits it brings to the population. National studies confirm that businesses and public properties with expert landscaping that includes trees are more successful than their counterparts which have no external atmosphere.

Some of the obvious ways effective landscaping can help businesses succeed include:
Trees provide shade during warm summer weather
Walking paths provide a place for employees to exercise during breaks
• Expert landscaping beautifies the property, increasing value
• Tree and flower species attract wildlife to the area
• Flowering plants provide a pleasant fragrance and life-giving oxygen
• Employees and customers are attracted to the appearance
• Natural surroundings promote healthy lifestyles and mood stability

Landscaping 101
Not everyone has a proverbial green thumb, yet many people can create beautiful flower gardens and paver stone driveways after reading a few magazine articles. However, the lasting beauty and functionality of commercial property landscaping is quite different than a backyard project and must be designed by experts in the field.

Specific considerations need to be made concerning small children and pets that may be allergic to or poisoned by certain plants or trees in Ann Arbor Michigan. Landscaping professionals can help business owners make this determination and avoid potentially planting dangerous or invasive species that could destroy native plant life. Experts will assist property managers in selecting the most durable and low maintenance selections that will bring beauty to Ann Arbor Michigan based on any budget.