August 17, 2017

Backyard ponds have lots of benefits since they have plenty of scenic features such as rocks, vegetation, and water. These natural features provide refuge to a broad range of animals. The following are some of the key reasons why landscape ponds are useful:


The main benefit of a landscape pond is the visual benefits it brings to your property. Ponds introduce the great visual character, especially if you incorporate some cascades and rocks within them. Even if the pond has still water, it will add immense beauty to your garden. The water will reflect the trees and the buildings, giving your property a unique appearance. Remember that the pond will support the vegetation as well. Since the water-loving plants are extremely beautiful, you can add diversity and richness to your garden by incorporating a small pond. You have plenty of design options when creating a pond. Whether you want the geometrical shapes or the sinuous layout, you have endless options. Many homeowners prefer the sinuous shapes that span through the garden, allowing them to incorporate a bridge into the scheme. Such a concept improves the design significantly since the hard paving contrasts well with the succulent plantings around the pond. When installing a pond in Ann Arbor, Michigan, landscape contractors can help you in every step of the way.


Water Storage

Besides the aesthetic functions, the backyard ponds have some utilitarian benefits. Storing water during the rainy season is a good way to ensure that you can irrigate your lawn throughout the year. When choosing the right location for your pond, you need to undertake a topographical survey. The lowest point in your garden is the ideal location for your pond. By installing a pond in such a position, you will prevent the possibility of having a waterlogged garden. Besides water storage, having a pond in your backyard is a sure way to improve the drainage. In fact, the pond will help you to save a significant amount of money on trenches and catch basins. Be sure to modify the slope of the garden to ensure that the water flows into the pond effortlessly. If you are looking to build a pond in Ann Arbor, Michigan, having a landscaper will guide you.

Opportunity to include other features

A pond provides plenty of opportunities for creativity. If you want to include a waterfall, incorporating it within the pond is a good idea. The waterfall will come in handy if you want to mask the noise from the road. You have the freedom to decide how detailed you want the pond to be, depending on what you want to achieve. Even if you do not live by the roadside, the soothing sound of water as it falls on the rocks can be therapeutic. You may also add some water slides or wading pools if you want to include some recreational features in the pond. An infinity pond is set on a hill in such a way that you cannot see its edge when relaxing on the deck. As you can see, homeowners have plenty of options when it comes to designing a landscape pond that suits their preferences.

Ponds provide a rich habitat for birds, plants, and amphibians. Whether you want to use the water to irrigate your lawn or as a visual accent, a landscape pond can be a great addition to your garden.