Our company provides landscape maintenance to residential and commercial clients throughout Ann Arbor Michigan. By expertly addressing the tasks common on any landscaped property, we save time and money for our clients. For businesses, our service also supports a positive reception among customers. We use the latest equipment and have plenty of experience, ensuring that our work reflects the high standards held by our clients. Here is more about the landscape maintenance services we perform.

Versatile Tree Care

Trees may seem simple to maintain, but the sheer variety of trees planted in yards and planters throughout Ann Arbor Michigan helps illustrate how much their needs can potentially vary. By investing in tree maintenance from our professionals, clients can count on enjoying healthy trees that develop to their fullest potential.

  • When trees have grown out of control, we can prune them back from power lines, windows and rooftops.
  • We can top trees to help them branch out and become bushy.
  • We can fertilize trees to keep them healthy.
  • When trees grow old, we can remove them and haul them away.

Seasonal Landscaping Options

We understand that landscaping needs change with the season, so our services are designed to accommodate clients at all times of year. The necessity of landscape maintenance varies between plant types and landscape layouts, but the majority of properties gain major benefits from having the right work done at regular intervals. In the fall, we can prune away dead vegetation and haul it away along with any fallen leaves lying on gardens and grass. When winter snow falls, we can remove it to ease home access. During the spring months, our landscapers can ensure that your plants are ready for a strong new burst of growth. Summer, the key season for landscape growth, offers opportunities for planting and other property enhancements.

Garden Maintenance and Planning

Well-maintained gardens can become crown jewels of any landscape design. Whether your garden needs an overhaul or only routine care, our professionals are an excellent choice for results that impress. Spring planting season is the best time for planting many popular types of flowers and offers ideal conditions for modifying and improving the growth of a garden. If you don’t have a garden yet but would like one, our experts can work with you to design a garden sanctuary or show piece that you will love. For new or established gardens, we can set up a schedule for custom maintenance to keep your garden looking the way you prefer all year long.

Extensive training and a strong interest in helping customers sets our landscapers apart from the competition in Ann Arbor Michigan. For residential or commercial properties, we offer custom landscape maintenance that meets the needs of our clients. With services designed for every time of year, it is never the wrong time to start improving and maintaining a new or existing landscape. Our many landscaping services beautify properties for enjoyment by all and save time, effort and money for residential and commercial clients.