After creating a landscaping plan that gives your home wonderful curb appeal and enhances the architectural features of your house, why let all that work disappear at night. A few well-placed landscape lights can make all the difference in your homes appearance and safety. While highlighting the areas that you love the most, such as a favorite garden or spectacular tree, you can also make your home safer through strategically placed outdoor lights.

Plan your placement: Choosing the location of landscape lighting in Saline, Michigan should take into account your overall landscape. It is not necessary, or desirable to flood light your entire home, so take the time to plot out key areas to highlight. The old adage, a little goes a long way, is especially true when it comes to landscape lights. Although there are many options to choose from, the key is to really choose what works for your particular home. It is best to start with the basics and then add on if needed.

Safety first: If you are installing landscape lights as a safety precaution, start with placing those lights. This could be a spotlight near the front door, or on the overall front of a home veiled by heavy shrubs. Another safety consideration is illuminating the walkways. Especially if you employed creative landscaping and have a winding path up to your home, small illuminated markers can be important for visitors. Lighting the treads or the risers of steps is well appreciated by guests. It does not take much to provide the safety required and these small additions will give your home a hospitable look and feel.

Accent lighting: Finally, accent lights provide the attention a prized garden deserves. Shining a light on a large tree can give it an entirely different look at night than it has during the day thanks to the shadows cast and the ability to angle the light just right. Throw a highlight on interesting architectural details, gazebos or outdoor cooking areas for a nice touch.

Bulb options: Outdoor fixtures can a variety of different bulbs with different affects. Incandescent bulbs has a short life span and require more electricity than halogen bulbs or fluorescent bulbs. LED bulbs are more expensive than the other options at first, but since the last longer and use very little energy, this cost is quickly offset. Solar landscape lights are also a viable option especially for lighting walkways and gently illuminating small portions of a garden.

Wrong lights: When poorly planned, landscape lighting can be a nuisance to neighbors, waste precious energy and create awful light pollution that blinds guests rather than create a safe inviting space. Take the time to aim lights carefully and be sure that your spotlight does not inadvertently shine directly, or indirectly into an indoor room or into the street. Use a softer light or add shielding to help correct the problem if necessary. A professional landscaper can offer helpful ideas and reset or remove poor choices for the best possible affect.