Celebrate your yard with the vibrancy and extra-loving touch that it deserves, with the help of a professional landscape designer. Designers such as a Saline Michigan landscape designer, can totally transform your curb, front yard, back yard, or small garden space into an elegant or whimsical space you, your family, and your guests can’t get enough of. The creative additions of sweet shrub borders, vine privacy fences, wild meadow flowers and more can transform your space into another world.

Mediterranean Escape

Transform your yard into your own coastal, Mediterranean retreat. Passionate designers work with you, one-on-one, to design the perfect plan for your escape. Stacked stone walls, garden walls, water features, and bird statues against a majestic backdrop of olive trees or shrubs invites the perfect ambiance reminiscent of an Old World estate. Or perhaps you’d prefer the company of a cozy, Italian hillside. Stone or brick lined walkways framed with roses, tall ornamental grass, exotic moss, ground covers, or drought tolerant herbs such as rosemary, Jerusalem sage, or lavender puts you right in the heart of Italy. Create a private Tuscan get-a-way with a wicker sitting area atop cobalt tiles surrounded by Terra cotta fixtures, a rock river, or an Italian glass mosaic water feature and outdoor fabrics that mimic the colors of the Mediterranean. A hillside pool provides the perfect opportunity to create a Mediterranean seaside escape. Simply, have your designer incorporate exotic flowering plants and a cascading waterfall that laps over the pool wall.

Country Cottage Inn

Perhaps you would like to turn your home into your own bed and breakfast with a cozy, cottage feel. Skilled designers can create the garden of your dreams with the addition of a hand-painted bench or swing amidst a garden of colorful floral such as spikes of verbena, bonariensis, birch trees, romantic Wisteria, elegant lilies, flirty daisies, happy morning glories and fragrant flowers such as bee balm and salvia farinacea. Add a garden statue or bird bath for a whimsical view, just perfect for an inspiring day of peace and meditation. Create the perfect walking forest with shade bearing pine trees and soft, ornamental grasses that capture the sun’s golden rays and soft, summer breezes for a spectacular garden show. At night, stroll the walkway for a moonlit path just perfect for star gazing. For the perfect outdoor dining experience, a wood dining set surrounded by fresh herbs provides the perfect seasonings and setting for an afternoon lunch with friends. And lastly, don’t forget the flag post.

Small Space Gardens

So, you think only large, yard owners get to have all the fun? A Saline Michigan landscape designer can turn your small yard or space into the garden of your dreams with the clever use of container plants. A plain wall, stairwell, or patio lined with a variety of container plants such as dwarf Japanese Maple trees, dwarf fruit trees, ornamental grass, or colorful perennials can turn your small space into a cozy, private screening for two.