From landscaping to decks and patio, our landscape company has a keen eye for detail in every single project we undertake throughout the yard. Our team is made up of experienced designers and craftsmen from Ann Arbor Michigan who are dedicated to perfecting the fine details of each project because we believe small details can make a huge difference. This is reflected in the numerous award-winning designs our landscapers have created. No detail is ignored when is comes to landscaping.

It is typically the small details that top off the landscape design. Whether were making a tailor-made patio, grilling area or a retaining wall, our team will stress each detail, regardless of size, from start to finish of your project.

Our landscape plan includes fine details such us:
-Furniture & Planters. A classy vase or carefully positioned can make your yard look special or simply become a place for relaxation. We will even make your outdoor patio furniture compliments the color of your greenery.
-Planting & Landscape. Our horticulturalists will turn your home into a beautiful paradise with contemporary garden designs and vibrant plants positioned amidst your landscape to spring your front yard to life.
Lighting. We believe your garden should be enjoyed during the night as well. Lighting can create a pleasant setting for a luxurious night by the pool.
Fountains & Water Accessories. We can add amazing water features to your landscape to produce a distinctive atmosphere or decorate your swimming pool space with a fountain.
-Fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces add the finishing touch to an outdoor grilling area. They offer patio use in colder temperatures while brightening your outdoor area with an elegant style.
-Walkways. We emphasize detail when we create custom walkways. We construct walkways out of either flagstone, cobblestone or granite in an elaborate paving pattern.

Our landscape design begins with a lawn analysis; testing your climate, soil quality, grass type and lawn control. From there we develop a customized year-round system to provide your lawn with the help and protection it requires during the changing of the seasons.

Your customized lawn plan comes complete with
-A lawn analysis to help compose a plan to fulfill your lawns needs
-Dedicated services offered at basic phases throughout the year
-Weed management
-Protection against hazardous pests

Lawn Services
We offer many landscape design services so homeowners in Ann Arbor Michigan can attain the lawn they’ve always wanted. Our services range from simple tasks such as fertilization and weed control to more inclusive jobs such as core aeration. Our landscape design plan also includes a thorough insect control to rid your lawn of all insects that may be detrimental to plant growth.

A beautiful flower garden can serve the final detail in your landscape, as can an outdoor fireplace or elegant walkway tiles. If you have a keen eye for detail and are located near Ann Arbor Michigan, then we are the company for you. Contact us today to receive your customized lawn plan as well as a thoroughly detailed lawn service throughout the entire year!