March 9, 2015

  1. Saving you time….allowing you to do what you enjoy, not what needs to be done….Family with three girls having a weekend excursion on their bike
    1. Landscaping companies typically have commercial-grade equipment and tools that can significantly reduce the time it takes to mow the lawn and complete other maintenance tasks around your yard.
    2. Furthermore, some companies have multiple employees working at the same time. This enables them to tackle several tasks at once, finishing them in a fraction of the time it would take a property owner, working on his or her own.
    3. At Twin Oaks, our slogan is “We focus on your landscape, so you can focus on what matters.”
  2. Saving you money
    1. Landscape contractors familiar with landscape design and botany understand how to properly care for the trees and plants on your property. A novice may be unaware about when to prune shrubs, at what height to mow the lawn, as well as which plants thrive in their particular location. Such DIY maintenance projects may be even costlier than the services of a professional
    2. Also, you will not have the expense of buying the various equipment and tools necessary for proper garden and lawn maintenance. These include string weeders, lawnmowers, fertilizer, edgers, leaf blowers, shovels, grass seeds, snowblowers, shovels and much more.
  3. Saving you peace of mindVacation, Travel - family ready for the travel for summer vacati
    1. Another great benefit is that your lawn will continue to be mowed, even if you and/or your family are not at home. During the summer and spring vacation season, it is easy for property owners to overlook their yard in favor of leisure and recreation activities. During the winter, your property will be maintained allowing you access to your home upon your return.
    2. Without proper maintenance and watering, gardens and lawns can brown, overgrowth and snow build up can occur. Hiring a landscape contractor, allows homeowners to rest assured, knowing their property will be well-maintained, whether they are home or not.
  4. Single source of reference for your entire yard
    1. At Twin Oaks, you are assigned an Account Manager who proactively manages all aspects of your yard. For example, emails are sent to you letting you know when we will be there to complete a particular service.
    2. Avoids having more than one company at your property on a single day, therefore, full value of your service is executed. For example, your mowing service is not scheduled to work on the same day your fertilizer application is being applied, allowing for the fertilizer product to maximize without anyone walking on the lawn.
    3. You don’t need to call multiple companies depending upon the yard needs, and keep track of which one does what service.
    4. Pro-active communication to you about any problems that may exist on your property that you may not have noticed. Such as a large limb from a tree that is leaning on your home that needs to be removed for safety. Close up view of golf ball on tee on golf course
  5. Certified, trained and licensed professionals
    1. Educated and trained professionals to assure that the work being done is done properly and without negligence. No need to store fertilizer or worry about anyone or anything get harmed
    2. Designers and engineers that can create plans that are long term and sustainable. No worries that your new patio will falter after one harsh Michigan winter season.