Does your lawn leave something to be desired? Are there bare spots, lackluster foliage the whole area lacks curb appeal? Or perhaps you just moved into this house and you have no time to put into the landscaping. If you have no clue what to do with your lawn, it’s time to call in the professionals. A landscape architect can make over your space and give it the desirable appeal you have been looking for. Rather than be the house on the block that has no appeal, hiring a professional can make all the difference.

How A Professional Makes A Difference?

Some people attempt to make-over their own yard by ordering or purchasing plants at the local hardware store. However, most have no clue what plants goes good with what and where they should go. In fact, the climate in the northern part of the country is very temperamental, especially during the winter months. Because of the weather in Dexter Michigan, people need to know what will grow well and what plants to avoid. You certainly wouldn’t want to plant palms in this area, they would die. A landscape architect not only knows what looks good, but they also know what to put in your yard to enhance its beauty year round. They know what type of plants to avoid and what plants will grow best in your soil. Too many times the average person looks at a bush and sees its blooming presence, they don’t think about the future and the fact that the bush only blooms once per year. A professional can mix foliage that will keep the yard blooming and full all the time, not just in the spring and summer.

Why Hire A Landscaper?

Some people think of landscapers as someone who just plants grass. However, they design landscape areas for parks, college campuses and even recreational facilities. They do more than just plant flowers, they design. Anyone living in Michigan can see the amazing landscapes at local colleges and even the immense beauty on the freeways. All of this was designed by landscape architects who were brought in just for this purpose. They can envision the entire area in a new and exciting way. They are called in for new home construction, for those who have just bought a new home, or even for those who have an old landscape that needs revitalizing.

Think Outside The Box

While you may be thinking flowering bushes and some perennials, landscape architects are thinking fountains, bird baths and other attractive elements. What about a nice garden wall, or an underground irrigation system? These are all the things that most people wouldn’t dream of, but a professional from Dexter Michigan has it all under control. Imagine your lawn with more foliage, attraction center pieces and perhaps even an area to sit and enjoy a barbecue. By hiring professional help, they can see and envision things that are far beyond your imagination. Because they do this every day, they know what will work well and what won’t. They can help your lawn to look amazing and the best part, you don’t have to lift a finger.