Trees are easy to take care of right? You just plant them and let them grow and you don’t even have to think about it? If that’s what you’re thinking you’d be quite wrong. If you truly care about the trees on your property and aren’t using a landscaping company to preform tree service in Ann Arbor MI and keep your trees healthy they could suffer from a variety of problems. This is even more troublesome when you consider the fact that you may not know your trees have issues until it is too late to do anything to save them.

Beech forest in spring with the sun in the trees

Judging Your Tree’s Health

Just looking at a tree could you tell if it had a disease or was infested with harmful parasites? Probably not. While there are times when a tree will appear visibly unhealthy most of the time it can’t be detected by someone who isn’t a professional. Landscaping companies often times have personnel on hand who can take an accurate assessment of your trees and see how they are doing and if they have anything wrong with them. Also remember that if one tree has a disease or illness it can sometimes spread to other nearby trees as well.

Signs of a Dying Tree

There are a few ways you can recognize a dying or sick tree. The problem is that by the time you figure it out, the tree may already be close to death. However, keep an eye out for these signs and call your landscaping company if you notice them, your tree may be able to be saved:

Brittle bark falling off
Less leaves or a lack of leaves
Limbs dying or falling off
Sap leaking from a visible wound

If you notice any of these signs your tree could be in trouble.

Ways Landscaping Companies Can Keep Your Trees Healthy

A landscaping company can do a lot for your trees. From occasional pruning to adding much around the base of the tree, a little really goes a long way. Also consider the fact that trees can easily have their bark damaged by errant weed wackers and lawn equipment and a professional landscaper will be careful not to allow any damage to befall your trees when doing yard work. They also know just the right amounts of water and fertilizer to use on your trees so that they grow healthy and strong without being damaged by outside chemicals.

Keeping Your Trees Healthy

To ensure that your trees are healthy and live to their natural lifespan make sure that you are having your landscaping tree service in Ann Arbor MI take a look at them on a regularly scheduled basis. They can also preform other services that we talked about, such as mulching and pruning for you as well to help ensure that the tree is always in optimal condition. This is one of the easiest ways to keep your property looking its best and keep the trees you own healthy and long lived.

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