Hedges require a rather large time commitment when it comes to proper trimming, maintenance, shaping and management. Certain tools are required, making the entire process no small hassle for most homeowners who are consistently busy with other tasks. Luckily, if you own hedges and live in Ann Arbor Michigan you do not need to worry if you contact us! We trim hedges in Ann Arbor Michigan, and have the proper tools and knowledge to keep your hedges trim and neat while simultaneously healthy.


We will trim your shrubs and bushes faster and with greater efficiency than any non-professional can. Trimming your own hedge can be a satisfying experience when you are finished, but professionals will yield a cleaner, faster result that does not waste time. We have been trimming hedges in Ann Arbor Michigan for a long time and know our business well. Chances are, we can complete the trimming in half the time it would take most people, and it will still look great!


We have been in the Ann Arbor area for many years and are completely committed to the area and its people. As far as we are concerned, our clients are our neighbors, and we invest a lot of time and energy into improving the aesthetic of our town and friend’s homes. In addition, any job we take will be completed as quickly as we can get to it. We have several teams who dedicate their days to residential trimming and landscaping.

Custom Jobs

We are more than happy to trim shrubbery in any design or fashion an employer desires, including custom shapes. We typically stick to the old-fashioned design, but that does not mean we cannot deviate from the norm! Ann Arbor is a unique city, so a little festive design fits right in. Of course, if you want the hedge trimmed in a more proper fashion we have no trouble doing that, too.


Our prices are fair and competitive for the Ann Arbor market. We value our customers and want to continue to do business with the people of Ann Arbor for many more years, so we can guarantee that pricing is both affordable and fair to our customers.

Trees, bushes, or shrubs usually need to be trimmed between four to eight times every year depending on their size, amount of rainfall, and customer preference. In truth, the tools of the trade are not very expensive, but the time saved, plus the level of quality a professional can provide, more than makes up for any cost paid to a professional company. We will do our job well, and of course we appreciate your business and will not take it for granted.

Ann Arbor Michigan is a gorgeous city and home to many wonderful people. We would be delighted to continue to serve the city we live in and love by continuing to run our business. Hedge trimming is a valuable service that can save you time, frustration and money while simultaneously giving you peace of mind. Please consider us for your next hedge trimming project!