Ann Arbor, Michigan has a great location near Lake Erie, but that still doesn’t mean that you want to have your yard resembling the lake. Flooding could be caused by a number of different factors. Here is how to keep standing water out of your yard this fall.

Drainage Project

Drainage Project

Problems with a Flooded Yard

When you purchased your Ann Arbor MI home, you hoped to use the yard for relaxing, entertaining and storage purposes. A flooded yard prevents you from fully enjoying your yard. Ducks could be visiting if your flooded yard resembles a small pond. You also might find mushrooms.

Besides the exterior problems that flooding could cause your yard, there are also interior problems that could result from too much water on your property. Gradually, water can seep into your basement. Excess water could also lead to the ground shifting, which can cause cracks in your foundation.

Damp Michigan Environment

Surrounded by Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, the State of Michigan naturally has a damp environment. The “Lake Effect” can dump large amounts of rain on your exposed yard in a matter of hours. As you build your house and install landscaping, you will want to ensure that you have proper drainage.

Building on the top of a hill is one of the best solutions because water will naturally flow downhill. But if you are not wealthy enough to afford that option, then you must find another way to deal with standing water. Here are the primary sources of standing water:

  • Weather
  • Low Spots
  • Gutters
  • Blocked Drainage

Of course, you can’t do much about the weather, but each of these other factors can be dealt with.

Ann Arbor MI Landscaping Solutions

Home owners can hire professional landscapers to “re-contour” their yards to avoid flooding. Start with your low spots. Good landscapers can fill in your low spots with dirt, grass or ground cover. They can also regrade your yard allowing it to drain properly. Certain trees, like birch, flourish in damp soil conditions.

Expert landscapers can also help with gutters. The old fashioned gutters will quickly lead to soil erosion as the water pressure removes the valuable top soil when it rains. Landscapers can install rocks, which will help you preserve your top soil. A complicated landscaping project will channel your gutter water underground.

Fences & Rocks Channel Water

In landscaping circles, there is “softscaping” for plants and “hardscaping” for bricks, rocks and stones. While water can feed and help plants grow, it might become blocked by your home’s hardscaping. You might want to hire a landscaper to remove a fence or redo your hardscaping.

The best landscaping fits in with your environment and allows for proper drainage. Once the problem is fixed, the landscaper can regrade your yard, so you can enjoy it in the fall. Call your local Ann Arbor MI landscaper to fix your flooding problems.

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