July 5, 2015

When you put a lot of hard work into your garden, it’s important to take steps to keep it safe. A retaining wall is a great way to protect your garden from erosion and trampling, and to protect the structure when your plants are on a slope. Here are some of the main benefits of adding a retaining wall to your home:

Garden Bed Retaining Wall

Low Maintenance

Once it’s built, a retaining wall takes very little energy to maintain. Without a retaining wall, you may have to move and replant parts of your garden if it begins to slide down a slope. With the retaining wall, you can easily protect the shape of your garden.


Many new environmentally friendly options exist for these walls. Naturally built retaining walls can contain organic materials as well as stone, making them an attractive option that blends in with your garden. Check with a provide in Ann Arbor MI to see what kinds of materials are available today.

Saves Space

The retaining wall can be used to place plants in places that you wouldn’t normal be able to plant, such as above ground areas where the soil needs to be contained. And with stacked retaining walls, you can create a garden that is very aesthetically pleasing but also functional. The stacked tiers of retaining walls allow you to plant different colors on each tier, for instance, giving you a lot of organizational choice. At the same time, the space you save can be used for a walkway or other garden feature.

Creates a Visual Barrier

If you have company often or have small children in your home, it can be frustrating when people cross over into your garden and walk on the soil. By adding a wall around your garden area, you can clearly create a barrier between where it’s safe to walk.Stone Retaining Wall

Allows You to Incorporate Other Designs

When you have multiple design ideas for your garden, such as a fountain or a fireplace, they may not work well with your plants. But instead, it’s possible to add these directly to your retaining wall instead, giving your garden a bit of separation from other features. Another nice idea is to incorporate track lighting into your wall, both so that you can enjoy the plants at night, and so that you can avoid stepping on them in the dark.

Gives You a Place to Plant

If you build the wall properly, it can give you a good place to kneel in order to tend the garden, so that you don’t need to trample on any of your plants. Consider adding steps into the retaining wall if you have planted far above ground— this will keep both you and the plants safe.

In short, a retaining wall is a great addition to any home garden. Beside keeping the integrity of your garden, the wall can also become a treasured part of your landscape. Check with a professional in Ann Arbor MI to see what options exist for starting your retaining wall.

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