April 3, 2015

Healthy grass has deep roots that grow close together and resists weeds. Deep grass roots are not susceptible to summer heat or heavy rain. Grass is more than a ground cover. It accentuates the outline of flowerbeds, statues, bushes and trees. Rejuvenation of a parched yard by a landscaping company in Ann Arbor MI will give you a lovely oasis.

Boulder Wall With Landscaping

Remove Thatch Layer

Leaves and sticks create a layer of undergrowth, or thatch, flush with the soil. Thatch causes three major problems:

1. It hinders the growth of tender grass shoots trying to break through the soil.
2. It blocks sunlight the grass needs to produce chlorophyll, which is necessary for its survival.
3. It harbors roaches, fleas, and other pests that might hitch a ride inside your house.

The landscaping company will remove the thatch layer to eliminate these problems. When they are finished, you will notice bare spots scattered throughout the yard. It’s time to seed.

Seeding the Lawn

Ann Arbor MI has extremes in climate. It’s hot and muggy in the summer and a frozen tundra during winter. A yard with only one type of grass seed can run into problems. Here’s why you should consider a mixed variety grass seed.

Some varieties of seed are renown for their heat tolerance, other strains are resistant to pests, and some can survive on minimal amounts of water during a drought. In addition, different strains of grass have different life spans.

A mixed variety grass seed will not develop brown patches. An attack on one strain will not affect the others so you enjoy a beautiful lawn throughout the year. A landscaping company can provide seed that is native to this gardening zone.


After the yard service finishes spreading the grass seed, soak the lawn to germinate them. If the landscaping company has covered the area with large sheets, leave them in place and water gently. Otherwise, some birds will feast on the seed while others eat the young sprouts.

The landscaping company will return after the seeds have sprouted for the next step in the rejuvenation process. They will most likely use a 50/50 mixture of fast-release / slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. Fast-release nitrogen feeds your grass immediately, turning it into a lush green lawn. Slow-release nitrogen continues to feed the lawn through the season. This continual slow feeding is what encourages deep root growth.

Seasonal Care

Regular care by trained gardeners catches problems early. They treat for any weeds that try to encroach, add more fertilizer mid-season, and mow the grass to the ideal height. Grass that is at least 2 inches high acts as an insulator against extreme temperatures. It keeps the ground cooler during summer and warmer in winter.

Mowing is done without the bag attachment to allow the cuttings to decompose and return nutrients to the soil. The cuttings will not contribute to new thatch since grass is mostly water.

Your home is your retreat from the world’s problems. The first thing everyone notices as they approach the driveway is the condition of the yard. Rejuvenate the lawn to enhance the beauty of your home and yard.

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