Sometimes a weed in yard is just a weed. You pick it, the problem is solved and nothing more comes of it. Other times, you don’t so much as see a weed, but you may have a huge issue already developing. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to know when you need lawn care weed control in Ann Arbor MI and when you don’t. Here are three common signs that your home is in need of lawn care for weeds.

 Front yard with flowering bushes.

You Have an Overabundance of Weeds
One of the tell-tale signs that you have a weed problem in your yard is an overabundance of weeds. If you have more than fifteen weeds in your yard, you have a problem. And while you could pull these weeds, by the time this many have sprouted, there is a good chance they are in the midst of their life cycle and seeds have been spread across your yard. A professional weed control company can use weed killers that can kill the weeds without killing your green lawn.

You Have Brown Spots in Your Yard
Some weeds are not obvious. Some weeds blend right into your grass or ground cover. However, you can often tell where these weeds are because you will notice brown spots or dirt spots in your yard. If you notice this, and you are positive the area is receiving a sufficient amount of water, either a weed or ground fungus is to blame.
Most weeds have deeper and further reaching root systems than grass. This gives the weed the advantage when it comes to soaking up water. As such, the grass around the weed will not receive the water and nutrients it needs, and it will slowly die off. Unfortunately, these deep-rooted weeds can be difficult to kill on your own. A professional lawn care service can determine if a weed or fungus is your problem, stop the issue, and get grass growing once again in the dead spot.

Your Neighbors Have Weeds Sprouting in Their Yards
The last sign that you may be in need of lawn care for a potential weed problem is that your neighbors have a large amount of weeds sprouting up in their yard. Unfortunately, if your neighbors have weeds, and they are not trying to solve the problem, the seeds will eventually blow into your yard, and you will have a problem.
A weed control company can spread a product called a pre-emergent on your lawn. This product will help prevent the seeds from growing and taking root, and kill any seedlings that have already developed. This will help you maintain a green, weed-free lawn, even if you are surrounded by neighbors who don’t take the same pride in their lawns.

Being able to identify a potential weed problem in your yard will help you determine when it is appropriate to call in lawn care weed control services in Ann Arbor MI. Calling in a lawn service at the right time can help ensure your green lawn remains green and lush.

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