It is normal for people to wait until weeds are too big during winter before they start weed control. Winter is not the best time for weed control, but it does not mean that you should not maintain your lawn during this time. When weeds grow past snow levels, they will be harder to control. You should therefore ensure you have a lawn maintenance schedule for winter.

Dandelion Weed

Wild garlic or wild onion is one of the most common weed in the winter in Ann Arbor MI. They smell of garlic or onion (thus their name) and their leaves are similar to those seen on onions. It is hard to control as it has an underground bulb that feeds and sends up new leaves. Two herbicides, 2,4-D and Imazaquin are the most popular for their control. However, you will need to follow the instructions for the best outcome.

Annual bluegrass is another common weed that appears during winter. It can be described as little green grass growing on a lawn. You will notice it when it flowers. At this point there is no use trying to control it. It will have left its seeds and they will start the cycle next winter. Atrazine is known to be a good herbicide. However, it takes time to work and you should give it several weeks for optimum results. Alternatives of the same are recommended depending on the size of your lawn.

Broadleaves are the most common weeds. These are the ones that do not have a semblance to grass. Clovers, rattlesnake weed (Florida betony), chickweed and henbit are some of the common ones. All these can be controlled by triclopyr or 2,4-D products as well as Atrazine. Multiple applications may be required to ensure the weeds are dead. These are the common weeds people come across during winter.

If you happen to have a problem in lawn maintenance you should consult with any lawn services in Ann Arbor MI. they should be able to give insight on the weeds you have and how to best handle them.

Take note that there are some problems associated with weed control in general. They are:

  • For starters, general weed control should be done by spraying and not hosing. Too much herbicide will be left on the ground when hosing is done.
  • Secondly, there have been a lot of discussions on the effects of glyphosate for weed control in winter. Some people believe it is the best option since the lawn is dormant. The lawn is not completely dormant. It therefore means applying this herbicide on the lawn will kill and/or damage the weeds as well as any ‘green’ plant tissue. It is therefore wise to make consultations should you be unsure of the herbicides that are available.
  • Lastly, weed identification. This is a challenge for most home owners. Occasionally, it is critical to identify a weed if you are to find the best herbicide for its control. If you are not sure, you can get a sample or a photo of the weed and take it to a lawn maintenance service in Ann Arbor MI. They will be able to identify it, recommend a herbicide or even come and get rid of the weed for you.


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