September 10, 2014

As a completely natural product that is continually used to enhance outdoor patios, fences and even pool decks, natural stone is a strong contender as one of the leading hardscape building materials available. If you are torn between two or three options, consider these facts about using natural stone.

It is Eco-fStone Retaining Wallriendly
Because it is pulled from the earth in a near complete state, natural stone requires absolutely no energy to manufacture, only using a miniscule amount during quarrying and processing. Because it is found in nature, it lacks any and all harmful chemicals thaYard water featuret can damage personal as well as environmental health. Its inherent resistance to elemental forces means it does not need to be treated with chemicals to make it outdoor friendly. It is also proven to absorb a lot of radiated heat, keeping the surrounding area cooler thus reducing air conditioning bills.

It is Cost Effective
Stone is sturdy material that can last upward of 30 years when well taken care of. Though the cost is around the same amount as the other hardscape materials, the time it lasts makes it well worth the investment. On top of longevity, stone is very easy to clean and maintain. It needs only mild soap and water to restore its natural sheen. In intense circumstances where moss or algae has grown or there are stains, only a small amount of bleach is necessary. This usage of typical cleaning products to maintain its look means you will save a lot of money over the years not having to rent things like a pressure washer.

It is Versatile
Natural stones are found in many different shapes and are not limited to standard industry sizing. Each block pulled from a quarry can be cut in any shape and in any size. From moldings to pillars, stone is as versatile as the imagination. It also comes in almost every color and pattern imaginable. While this may add price based on where the stone is transported from, it still provides you with nearly unlimited options for designing and decorating your projects.

It is Strong
IMG_2751 As stone lasts for untold generations on mountain tops so too does this strength carry over to anywhere it is placed. As one of the hardest materials found in nature, stone is extremely durable and can last for centuries without so much as minor indentations. From cathedral floors to castle archways, stone has been used by humans throughout the history of civilization for its ability to withstand the effects of time. With proper planning and execution, your new hardscape can outlast many pieces of the house itself.

Safe, tough and versatile, natural stone is the perfect hardscape building material for virtually every outdoor project. While it can be expensive upfront, the payoff is well worth it, leaving you with a material that will cost very little to maintain and will stand the test of time while still looking like it was just installed.