April 18, 2014

An outdoor kitchen is not the perfect solution for every homeowner. Rather, the very concept will only be appealing to those with a certain lifestyle and temperament. It won’t work for someone who doesn’t enjoy the outdoors. However, there really are so many benefits to an outdoor kitchen that even a homeowner who doesn’t enjoy being outside would might consider installing an outdoor kitchen at their home.

kitchenIncreased Home Value
The cost of the outdoor kitchen will be returned in the added value reflected in the home’s selling price. It’s considered an extra kitchen and costs much less than adding on an extra room to the home through renovations. More and more people are looking for unique additions and perks for their homes, so when the home is being sold, the outdoor kitchen will be a major selling point with younger families and couples who entertain a lot.

Whether you live in a climate that allows for constant outdoor activities year-round or only in the summer, the outdoor kitchen is a great addition. During most gatherings, there’s one person stuck in the house preparing the food. Even if someone is at the grill, there’s other preparations that must happen inside the house. With an outdoor kitchen, everyone is outside enjoying the gathering. Guests can offer to assist, and they’ll still be a part of the gathering too.

Less Energy Use
Nobody wants to be inside over a hot stove during the hottest days of the year. Grilling outside will keep the house cool and lower the cost of cooling the interior of the home. Everyone can be outside in the shade or enjoying the pool for most of the day. An outdoor kitchen consists of more than a grill. There are stove burners, cabinets and a refrigerator. This eliminates the need to open and close the patio doors releasing the cool air from the home. The air conditioning unit can be turned down because nobody is in the home during the day. It can be kept low because it doesn’t need to combat opening and closing doors or kitchen use during the day.

Extended Living Space
Many homeowners are creating outdoor kitchens, but they are extending beyond that to create complete outdoor living spaces. This includes comfortable seating, overhead shading and screened areas. The whole family can sit outside for most of the day enjoying time together in a complete living space. With an extended living space, you can enjoy the outdoors throughout the entire day. Adults can sit in the shade while the children enjoy water activities. When it’s time to cook, it can all be done outside, which means not interrupting children’s play time.

Outdoor space is currently underused by many homeowners. Adding an outdoor kitchen is a great way to add value to the home while adding a functional space for the homeowner without the expense and frustration associated with an addition to the home.