Michigan isn’t exactly a desert, so it would seem there’s not much need for lawn irrigation in anyone’s yard in this state. The reality, though, is that even here, supplemental watering can be a huge benefit for the lawn. Under the best of circumstances, yards in Ann Arbor MI and other communities show improvement from adding irrigation systems. Also, there can be particular negative characteristics about a given piece of land that can be overcome with the inclusion of regular watering. Consider this list of problems the installation of irrigation systems can alleviate.


*Dry Spells
*Soil Loss
*Water Loss
*Excess Work
*Weed Propagation

Dry Spells
Even in climates with abundant rainfall, periods without adequate moisture can still occur. To stay healthy, lawn grass needs a steady supply of water. Otherwise, the stress caused by insufficient rain can weaken the plants, making them susceptible to insect attacks and disease. Homeowners often react to these events by grabbing a hose, and try to guess whether they’re providing enough water. This method can result in too little water or too much water. Irrigation allows regular, properly metered watering that keeps the lawn healthy throughout drought periods.

Soil Loss
When dry spells happen, two additional things occur. First, the dry soil is more easily blown away in the wind. Second, damage to grass plants makes it harder for their roots to hold onto top soil. Relatively damp soil sticks together better and won’t be carried off in the breeze. Likewise, well-watered grass possesses thicker root systems hold top soil in place. This problem can be exacerbated if the property is on a hillside rather than on level ground.

Losing Water
Most land in Ann Arbor MI and other locales in the state have a pretty good composition, but some spots can have sandy soil. This type of earth can suffer from excessive drainage, and this means extra water beyond normal rainfall is required. Even without this particular problem, irrigation can actually reduce water loss. Automated systems allow watering to take place at night when there’s no sunlight to cause water to evaporate before it can soak into the ground.

Excess Work
Keeping the lawn properly watered by hand with a garden hose consumes time that could be better spent elsewhere. An irrigation system is an automated approach to taking care of the lawn. It’s also been noticed that with the extra work involved in hand watering, many people become weary of the chore after a while and abandon it altogether.

Weed Invasions
Just by keeping the lawn thick and lush, the ground below is heavily shaded, and this alone helps discourage weed seeds from germinating. Also, if fertilizers and herbicides are part of lawn maintenance, irrigation can help with this, too. Fertilizers need water to become activated, and irrigation systems are a labor-saving way to do this. One of the better lawn herbicides available is 2-4D, but it works best when applied in granular form to dampened weeds.

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