Do you have a rich and vital lawn in Ann Arbor MI, but would like to know the best way to save money, time and precious water to maintain that lawn? Well, there are several irrigation systems for lawns available on the market. These different types of systems include spray systems, drip irrigation, and a rotor system.


Spray Systems

The most commonly known irrigation systems for lawns is the spray sprinklers. They are known to distribute water to lawns of every size and shape and have been used in virtually every lawn setting. Like rotor systems, they have the feature or either popping up or appearing as shrubs for minimal invasiveness. The latter are placed above ground and ideal for tall and thick vegetation. They have noticeable positive attributes, such as:

  • A rain sensor that allows them to shut off when there is rain, saving you lots in money and water waste.
  • A quick watering system that allows you to enjoy your lawn without constant irrigation.
  • A soil moisture sensor that tells the system how much it really needs to irrigate.

The downside to sprinklers is that they are not very effective with sloped yards, because it is much more difficult for them to evenly water uneven territories. They are also the main culprits of water waste, because a lot of the water gets thrown into the sidewalks and driveways. They also easily experience faulty leaks caused by pesky animals, and they can rack up a large bill if they go unchecked.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation systems for lawns pump water directly into the soil instead of on top, and slowly increases through its tubing that funnels water through inline emitters and multiple nozzles. The benefits of this system are apparent right after first use, including:

  • The use of up to 50 percent less water than other systems
  • Water being used effectively and not spilling into sidewalks and other unnecessary areas.
  • Installation can be either automatic or treated manually

However, maintenance is an issue with all watering systems, and this type is especially difficult to repair because it is largely concealed. The filters needs to be cleaned every so often because they are otherwise susceptible to mineral buildup. But the parts on ground level are difficult to see and are threatened by lawnmowers and other tools in the yard. The parts underneath can be damaged by gophers and other ground dwellers, so make sure your area does not have an abundance of these kinds of animals.

Rotor System

A standard rotor system is similar to the traditional spray sprinklers, with the difference of a rotating funnel of water that distributes within set arcs. This is an ideal sprinkler method for larger yards that are wider than 18 feet. It does have a few key advantages for the serious lawn owner, including:

  • A greater effectiveness in distributing water to grass at an even pacing
  • More accurate than typical spray head sprinklers
  • Accommodating towards oddly shaped and sloped yards

Unfortunately for this system, it is ineffective in communities in Ann Arbor MI that experience low water pressure, because the distribution of a rotor system is dependent on strong streams of water. Other than this downside, the rotor system is a very effective irrigation strategy.

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