April 9, 2013

System Start-up  – Twin Oaks Landscape will turn on the irrigation system, program the controller to current seasonal conditions, test each zone, check operations of heads, valves, piping, and control wiring.  Minor repairs and adjustments will be performed up to one (1) hour of time.  Parts and additional labor will be completed but performed at an additional cost at the start-up visit, which will save charges for another mobilization.

Major replacements (e.g. controller), repairs, or adjustments will be done at an additional cost after consulting with you.  In the unlikely event that a component fails and we are notified within thirty (30) days of the start-up, we will waive the mobilization charge, however all other additional costs will apply to the repair of the failed component.

System Winterization  – Twin Oaks Landscape will shut off the irrigation system and winterize the outdoor piping with compressed air.