February 18, 2016

Summers in Ann Arbor MI can be warm and even scorching hot on some days, and you mlawn-sprinkler-irrigation-systemay find it difficult to get your yard all of the water it needs to thrive without the functional use of your irrigation system. While you may use your watering system frequently throughout the summer, you may need to winterize it during the cold months of the year to prevent damage to it.

What Happens to Your Sprinkler System in Cold Weather
In Ann Arbor MI, the temperature often will drop well below freezing for many long hours or even days in some cases. While the ground may insulate the pipes in your sprinkler system for brief or light freezes, the temperature of the soil can easily drop below freezing during extreme weather situations. During a cold spell:

  • The water in the pipes may freeze
  • The water will expand when it freezes
  • The frozen water exerts outward pressure on the pipes
  • The pipes may rupture

This can cause expensive water waste and the need for repair bills for your irrigation system in the spring. Winterization is a better idea than dealing with busted pipes in your sprinkler system once the temperature warms up.

How Winterization Helps Your System
Winterizing the pipes in your sprinkler system is a step that your landscaping or irrigation system service provider can complete for you. It involves draining all of the water in the pipes out of the system and the sprinkler heads. In some cases, the pipes will remain empty, but some service providers will run a special anti-freezing agent into the pipes to further prevent damage to the system. You can discuss the method that will be used with your system during a conversation with your service provider, and you may request a specific method.

When to Complete Spring Start-Up Service
After the risk of a freeze has passed and the temperatures are warming up, you may be ready to turn on your sprinkler system again for the first time of the season. Your landscaping firm or other system service provider may help you to prepare your system for use throughout the summer months by completing a spring start-up service. During this process, any agents that were used to prevent freezing in the pipes will be removed and fresh water will be restored to the pipes. After this service is completed, you will be able to restore the full function of the system so that you can water your lawn as desired.

A sprinkler system is a true benefit to your Ann Arbor MI home, and you may love the benefits it provides. For example, it saves time and energy manually watering the yard, and it distributes water evenly throughout your space for the health of your lawn and other vegetation. If you want to keep your sprinkler system in the best shape possible over the cold, icy winter months, winterization service from your landscaping firm is a smart idea.

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