May 15, 2013

During today’s difficult economic times, an increasing number of homeowners are choosing to forgo their annual vacations, and are instead spending that time at home. This idea, known as a “staycation”, has in turn resulted in an increasing number of homeowners choosing to renovate their outdoor spaces.  Everyone values their vacation time and many enjoy spending that time outdoors during the summer months. We would like to work with you in both designing and building an outdoor space that you can use and enjoy for your staycation this summer.

The process we go through with our clients is two fold. On the front end our team of landscape designers, horticulturalists and engineers will work with you to develop a plan that represents the best use of your space while incorporating your needs and desires. We work closely with our clients discussing layout and selecting materials until every detail has been considered and decided upon. On the back end, our construction crews made up of experts in the fields of masonry, carpentry, irrigation and landscape construction, will install the design with highest quality in construction and attention to detail.  We offer ourselves as a “one stop shop” for constructing and maintaining every aspect of your outdoor environment.

Our holistic approach to design creates a subtle transition from an interior space to a garden that compliments your lifestyle, all the while respecting the architecture of your home.  From design concept to completion, every detail of the project is considered and expressed to the utmost perfection.  Please let us know if our team of experts can assist you in creating an outdoor environment that truly will be your “staycation.”  Why not invest your dollars where you can enjoy it the most…outside your own home, rather than spending it on a week away that you will never see again.