Maintaining a healthy, thick lawn in Ann Arbor is no easy feat when there is a long list of weeds to control in between harsh winters. We know Michigan residents want a lawn that is a source of pride. What could be a more impressive invitation into your home than a luxurious lawn to lead the way? What better way to maximize outdoor living than to enjoy a backyard with a vigorous lawn free of weeds?
Lawn weed control is important for more than just the obvious visual aesthetics. Other factors to consider are:

• Weeds compete with grasses for water, sunlight and nutrients, thereby potentially harming healthy lawn and landscape growth
• Some lawn weed types, such as thistle, are painful to the touch, rendering a lawn off limits to family and pets
• Weeds can tamper with soil fertility, causing both long and short term problems for a thriving green lawn

We are the landscaping experts in Ann Arbor Michigan. We are qualified professionals dedicated to educating ourselves and our staff on the latest industry technologies. Our commitment to use premium products and processes in the elimination of weeds and continued care make us a logical choice for Ann Arbor homeowners.

Our company is understands that weed control is a combination of science and maintenance combined to cultivate a beautiful, praiseworthy yard for you and your family. Every homeowner deserves a beautiful lawn and we can help you achieve that goal.

We provide:

1. Vast knowledge and experience with lawns and weed control in Ann Arbor
2. Landscaping services that leave you time to enjoy your lawn rather than worry about it
3. A team of experts who provide treatments to the highest standards ensuring a safe environment
4. Flexible landscaping and lawn weed control services tailored to suit your needs
5. Solutions and recommendations for continual care of a flourishing lawn both now and in the future
6. Advice on fertilizer, irrigation and other components to keep your lawn looking its best

We are the lawn care experts in Ann Arbor Michigan. Our years of experience and industry knowledge make us landscape specialists in the region. We know that the best defense against ugly, bothersome weeds is to effectively treat the weeds and then build a vigorous lawn to help stave off further weed growth. Our commitment to consistently use safe and effective products and processes in lawn weed control and continued protection make us a logical choice for discerning Ann Arbor homeowners.

Contact the committed professional staff for all your landscaping needs. We know the environment. We pride ourselves in our reputation as landscape experts in Ann Arbor Michigan and we look forward to helping you build and maintain the lawn you want. Let us show you how our proven track record of success can give you the plush, enviable lawn you’ve always dreamed of having. No obligation; no hard sell. We’re here to help. Call or email today for a speedy quote from Ann Arbor’s committed professionals in landscaping and lawn weed control.