Innovative Designs By Landscape Architects in Saline, MI

To add to the aesthetic beauty of a home, a creative and original landscape design can be created by a landscape architect. They specialize in drawing and executing architectural plans for landscaping using the measurements of the property, as well as the proper type and usage of foliage used in various environments.

The result is aesthetically appealing landscapes that are easy on the eyes, which is our endeavor each and every time. Saline, Michigan is a picturesque city that’s located in a region where some of the most educated citizens in the country live, as its nearby Ann Arbor, the home of the University of Michigan. The Washenaw county region features the picturesque foliage that’s favored by locals and visitors alike.

Flowers Can Foster Good Health

Did you know that looking at colorful foliage can decrease a hospital stay? Patients who spent a long period of time in a relaxed, natural surrounding experience lower blood pressure, along with a sense of calmness that only flowers can provide. Lower blood pressure in a lot of cases, means an early discharge. Amazing!

Our Approach

We can make your landscaping as uniquely beautiful as the nearby Mattaei Gardens at the University of Michigan, known as one of the most beautiful gardens in the country. We strive to achieve a balance between nature and concrete environments. Our approach encompasses the aforementioned mathematics, along with ecology, the arts, and so much more. It’s not just about planting flowers in a garden anymore!

Peace Of Mind As A Benefit To Homeowners

We offer homeowners peace of mind as our knowledge and extensive experience show. For instance, our company has worked in:

. Wetland restoration and development.
. Removing bacteria from the rainwater that enters the Michigan aquifer.
. The creation of native Michigan woodland flower gardens.
. Expertise on both warm and cold temperature plants, enabling home gardens to be appealing year round in Saline; an expertise of landscape architects.

A Normal Work Day In The Life Of A Landscape Architect

Landscape architecture is as much a science as it is a practiced art form. A normal day is as follows: an initial meeting to discuss the original design idea and what the customer requirements are. Then the architect visits the work site and takes land measurements. Subsequently drawings of what the landscape will look like based on the customer’s idea are drawn using CADD design.

Because it may take some time for foliage to fully mature, an architect will also show the customer virtual designs of what the landscape will become. In addition once a customer approves of a specific design, models are drawn as well as photographs which illustrate the idea. Contractors are hired and the work begins, under the supervision of the landscape architect.

When you stroll in Saline’s 11 beautiful parks, such as Stonecliff or Canterbury, or admire a stylishly landscaped yard, remember that landscape architects used their innovation and creativity to develop such foliage, which will be visually appealing for a long time to come.