About 30 percent of the water used in Ann Arbor MI is through the watering of the family yard. Actually half of the water is wasted to the atmosphere and watering excess water than needed. It is good to know some ways of using the available water efficiently.

Yard irrigation

As the amount of rainfall lowers during summer periods, the need to water your yard increases. Most of the times, the water is applied inefficiently leading to significant water wastage.

People living in Ann Arbor MI who want to increase the level of irrigation of their yard avoiding excessive usage of water, have several options to consider. The experts in landscaping can assist in determining the best method that suits your yard best. These methods can maintain the beauty of your yard and reducing the amount of water used and eventually lowering your water bills.


Watering by hand

Hand watering reduces the amount of water used by about 33 percent as compared to the automatic watering system. This method allows one to be in control and they decide on the amount of water to use and the time of watering. For instance, one will not water the lawn on a rainy day unless the water does not penetrate the soil properly and also decides which areas require less water.


Watering in the morning

Early morning watering reduces the water used for irrigation. Mostly, the sun is not hot in the morning and this reduces the amount of water lost through evaporation increasing the chances for absorption of water by the soil. The lawn stays nourished for longer. Waiting until the day becomes hot means that more water will be lost to the atmosphere and more water will be needed to maintain your yard green and healthy.


Raise the cutting height

When cutting and mowing the grass, ensure the height of the grass is higher and the blades longer to provide each other with shade. The shade reduce the rate of water loss and therefore less water will be needed for keeping your yard green. One other advantage of this is that it prevents weed growth.


Watering late in the evening

Just like the morning watering, doing it in the evening when the sun sets will help your yard retain more water. The grass is able to utilize the retained water in the soil all night. The grass looks healthier and greener and little water is added in the morning.


Reduce the size of the yard

How much grass there is in your yard determine the amount of water required to keep it nourished. By reducing the lawn size, the amount of water needed for irrigation goes down. The watering cost also reduces. You can use grass only to highlight parts of the yard. In addition, by using grass that uses less water can help save on the water. This makes the cost of watering your yard less costly.



By using the above tips, it is easier to make proper use and utilize the available water to increase the watering of your yard.

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