An attractive yard is a tremendous asset to a home. A good-looking lawn is great for improving curb appeal, making being outside more enjoyable, provides an outstanding first impression to potential house shoppers and makes your home inviting for guests. However, for your yard to live up to its full potential proper care is a must. Along with regular cutting and watering, as well as pest control, fertilizing plays a significant role in making the grass on your side of the fence as green as possible.


Fertilizing your lawn provides three major benefits, but because there are some issues the average homeowner isn’t aware of, to get the greenest results possible it is generally best to employ the expertise of a lawn fertilization service. In the Ann Arbor MI area we can expertly take care of all your lawn fertilization needs.

1) Fertilizing Your Lawn Will Reduce Insects and Weed Growth
Every garden center carries a plethora of products precisely formulated to kill weeds, but the truth is a healthy lawn has a natural resistant to weeds and bugs. While some especially resilient species may require precise eradication methods, using fertilizer to make your lawn as healthy as possible will reduce pests and weeds without having to resort to adding toxic chemicals that people and pets will be walking on, and tracking into your home.

2) Fertilization Will Protect Expensive Newly Installed Turf
New sod is not cheap and newly installed turf can lose its shine very quickly if it isn’t properly cared for. Applying a “starter application” of fertilizer before sod is laid down will help the new turf thrive by helping to overcome transplantation shock.

3) Fertilization Reduces Puddles
A properly fertilized lawn has stronger roots that will significantly absorb more water than unhealthy grass. This can significantly reduce the amount of puddles in the yard, even after a heavy rain.

4) Fertilizer Helps the Environment
Many homeowners who are committed to maintaining their yard have misgivings about applying fertilizers because of potential environmental impacts. However, when properly applied fertilizer helps create a dense root system that is exceptionally efficient in thwarting runoff, keeping the fertilizer on your grass. Of course the key word is “properly” applied, which is a good reason to consider hiring a lawn fertilization service.

Reasons to Hire a Professional
Fertilizer delivers the required nutrients for a lush and green lawn, but the products must be applied in the correct amounts and with proper frequency. While many homeowners try to fertilize their lawn on their own, the odds are they will not get the best result without the proper experience and training. One of the biggest mistakes of do-it-yourself lawn fertilization is not getting the product on evenly, which can often have the opposite of the desired effect. Uneven applications can produce a spotty look, with some areas being under-fertilized and other being over-fertilized, which often leads to thatch buildup and environmental impacts from runoff. If you are in the Ann Arbor MI area we can provide you with a customized plan to get the most potential from your lawn and have your yard being the envy of the neighborhood.

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