Improving Drainage in Your Lawn

If you have a problem with drainage in your yard it can be directly related to the type of soil you live on. Some types are prone to drain on their own better than others, Clay for instance is incredible tricky. Ann Arbor MI has some of its own trouble areas and depending on where you live you may need to take some steps to ensure your yard is draining as well as it should to keep your landscaping looking lush and your plants healthy.

Drainage Project

Drainage Project

Of course after a heavy rainfall you may see some standing water for a day or so but that should be about it. After that if you notice that your yard isn’t draining as well as it could there is probably a problem with the water flowing where it should and not pooling in your yard. The good news is there are several things you can do to help the process.
Besides the type of soil you live on there are other things that can help create problems with draining. One of them is the height of the water table and the layers in your topography of harder materials, such as rock and stone.

Here are a few possible remedies:
1. You can create an underground drain. By creating a ditch covered with gravel the water should have a better chance to soak in and move away from your land.
2. You can create wells to help the water drain. This is another possibility that can help with poor drainage. If they do the trick and work correctly each of these solutions is worth the time and effort to correct your draining problem.
3. Another possible fix is to consider building up the soil where the water has become a problem on your property that will redirect the flow of the water. If you are looking for better draining in a garden.
4. The most attractive and fun solution is to start a rain garden or pond. These can also be used to gather extra rainwater. You will also find yourself with a new and attractive feature to your landscaping on your property.
5. Rain barrels are a popular feature for homeowners these days and yards that have drainage problems. The barrels can be set underneath gutters or attached to the downspouts of the gutters to collect rainwater that would otherwise collect on your property. Buy collecting this water you can keep it to use it later on your plants and flowers or save it until there is a lack of rainfall.

As long as there are ways to solve the water drain problems there is hope for your lawn. Many of them are attractive and can add character to your lawn and property so even if you have a current problem with water standing in your lawn and not draining all hope is not lost. The good news is the soil in Ann Arbor MI is open to correction and it doesn’t have to be a costly fix.