One of the main things that prevents people from having a more efficient irrigation system is fear. This generally means many people are worried about getting the process right and may be intimidated when considering the options that are available. However, the main thing to realize is any watering system is simply pipes for the flow of water. Improving this system is something that can easily be done with the help from Milan MI experts.

First Steps

The existing system at a residential property needs to be inspected. One reason is most system activate at early morning hours when most people are asleep. If any problem occurs, then most homeowners do not realize it until a dramatic event occurs. This can include an above-high water bill and grass that has begun to die. Another thing to keep in mind is any updates to the landscape of a property may mean an existing watering system is not meeting current needs. If you have a garden area that needs water, then trees that are overgrown may need to be trimmed.

Proper Maintenance

One of the most important aspects of a watering system is proper maintenance. This includes checking the sprinkler heads and filter. There are many reasons why this is necessary.

* If there is any dirt, then it needs to be cleaned.
* Many homeowners often overlook this aspect of their system.
* Hiring experts to clean and maintain a sprinkler system is one way to ensure a yard gets the water it needs.

Update Options

Many sprinkler systems in place at a residential property have stationary heads. Replacing these heads with MP motors is one option to improve your system. This task involves removing all the spray heads that are in pop-up sprinklers and replacing them with a rotating head. Rotating heads will deliver water more slowly with bigger drops. The result is a yard will absorb the water more slowly and leads to less loss of water from spray heads due to evaporation.

Drip Systems

Spray heads are the most common option for a typical sprinkler system. These are not the best when an area has a garden or plants that need to be watered. The best option is to replace a few spray heads and add a drip option. One of the biggest reasons to add a drip option is water will easily get to a plant. The downside is to ensure the emitters are not clogged as this will block the flow of water.

Important Information

A water pressure regulator needs to be installed to reduce water pressure to a suitable level. The PSI of typical residential water lines is about 50 to 60. Water pressure regulators will reduce the PSI to around 30. This is only necessary if you are planning to add a drip system to your property. One aspect to keep in mind is separate lines are needed for rotating heads, spray heads, and drip systems.


One of the best options for an irrigation system in Milan MI is a timer. Timers can be used to water the yard or garden on a property at any time of the day.