Automatic sprinkler systems offer Ann Arbor homeowners the convenience of watering their
property effortlessly, while saving time and water. No more dragging around hoses, and having to move sprinklers around trying to water everything. Designed for each owner’s requirements, automatic sprinkler systems will water on any schedule the owner sets. Electrical control systems have sensors which prevent over and under watering the property, keeping the whole looking great, and saving water. Proper watering helps keep property beautiful, maintaining turf, plants, trees and shrubs in optimal condition, protecting the owners landscaping investment.

Professionally installed sprinkler systems add value and curb appeal to properties, increasing resale value, and provide enormous convenience.

Professional design and installation is key to building the best automatic sprinkler system for your Ann Arbor property. They deal with setting up time clocks, controls, and water sensors, pipes and connections, trenching to take the system under a driveway or path, and setting the system up to water everything from lawns, to trees, flower beds, shrubs, vegetable or herb gardens, raised garden beds and even hanging baskets and planters. Installation of the system is rapid, and disruption to the homeowner is minimal.

A well designed system will still need some maintenance. In Ann Arbor, sprinkler systems should be winterized in October, and to be started up, or recharged in March or April to be ready for summer irrigation. Winterization involves draining the system, and blowing out all the water, so it does not freeze and damage the system. This is best done by a professional, the cost is more than reasonable compared to the cost of repairing the system. In addition, when they blow the system out using compressed air, any leaks or other defects in the system become apparent and can be repaired at that time, or before the spring start up. Any water remaining in the system can freeze and burst the pipes or fittings, necessitating expensive repairs. Incorrect use of compressed air, can damage the system, or fail to blow out all the water, so it is better not to try to do it yourself.

Spring start up is more than just turning on the water. In fact, just turning the water on, can cause considerable damage to the system, sudden surges of water can blow out pipes and fittings. The system must be inspected before water is turned on, checking for damage, repairs made if necessary, then the water is turned on, to slowly fill the system, with the drain open. When the system is filled, the drain is closed, the system is pressurized and the system inspected again for damage, or incorrect functioning. Repairs and adjustments are made again, until the system runs properly. This task is also best left to professionals.

Most sprinkler installation companies, will also maintain them, and offer reasonable maintenance packages including winterization, spring start up, and one to several checkups during the operating season. These services are highly recommended to keep your system operating at peak efficiency, and longevity.